Hosting a web server on your red hat 9

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Nov 24, 2004
  1. Hello Every expert here.
    Happy thanksgiving.
    I am a new bie on Linux, managed to install dual boot with windows 2000 pro with Red Hat 9.
    I wanted to run and host a web site for myself maybe 5-10 pages, working to configure how all these work together, and was looking for FREE!! ( I like it).
    I have registered a domain name for free (, and now the name servers also for free (you would like for ). I have my pc connected to internet via LINKSYS router on cable modem. Most of the time my ip is static, as I donot turn off the power on router and it keeps same ( at least I ahve seen for a year, the same ip address).
    What would I require to configure my to be published to the world.
    where would I open the web server port ? Can someone show me the steps. Also when I do a dig command on red hat I get the nameserver but not my ip address, the ip address I get is from my isp. (remember I am using cable modem via router). I have entered the ip address of my machine (not 192.168.xx.xx) but the one I get on router while providing information to my nameserver on
    I know you gurus have done this long back, but can you share please ??????
    Thankyou very much.
  2. Nodsu

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    On the router you have to forward port 80 to the local IP of your Linux box. If you want to use secure HTTP, forward port 443 also.

    On your Linux box, make sure you have apache installed and enabled in system services. By default it will serve anything you have in /var/www directory.

    First try to access your webpage through the LAN by the local IP address to make sure you have the server set up right.
    Then try to access your web server by your public IP to test the port forwarding.
    Then try with your registered domain name.
  3. MYOB

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    Doesn't this message strike you as somewhat spammy?

    </cynical bastard>
  4. nvr2late

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    why spammy ?
    If I am trying to learn something and someone guiding through. It could be that I might be wrong, do you intent to say or guide something in different way ...please post.
  5. mindspin

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    I dont really know what you mean whith the last few lines, but I guess you need your external IP. Just check out and you'll find your IP number.
    Now when you access your router on your own pc. You have to seek for an option called virtual server or port forwarding which basically forwards an ip to the outside world.
    That way people who visit will be sent through to your personal computer where your website is hosted.

    After that place the files you want to display on your website in the /var/www/ directory and test them just as Nodsu mentioned, first locally ( http://localhost/ ) then by typing your external ip in your browser. If both works your webserver should be working properly.

    I assume you already installed the apache webserver software, it is delivered along with the redhat distribution and to be installed automatically i thought. If not, download it here and install it in the proper ways.

    Hope this helps you along, if not just ask!
  6. radnam

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    I think what you need is a Hosting package and need to host with a good hosting company and start with them. They would be able to provide you with much more help and it would be more reliable as well.
  7. jobeard

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  8. vaskebb

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    ja stvarno ne znam sta da napisem
  9. vaskebb

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    ovo mi cisto sluzi kako bih mogao da se zezam
  10. vaskebb

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    au kakve gluposti covek napise....kuku
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    a ustvari imam problem sa task managerom, so i was wondering if anyone could help me
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    ako ne ko vas jebe. Zivela revolucija. Za kralja, otadzbinu i slobodan narod
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