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House approves CISPA cybersecurity bill, Microsoft backpedals support

By Rick · 41 replies
Apr 30, 2012
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  1. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 3,153   +1,411

    Lol, you have no idea how right you are.... You should have been here a couple months ago when people were crying about the same sort of privacy invasions about a law that actually DID pass regarding pirating penalties The little detail everyone missed was that the law passed in France.

    More hype = more outrage = more page clicks = more ad revenue. The fact that this bill is being crumpled up and thrown in the garbage is irrelevent.
    Big Brother is watching.... pfft! Look at our social media, camera phones, Twitter, and comment threads. We are big brother, and we're watching them.
  2. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,779   +3,906

    I don't know if management shares my views, (as a matter of fact, I'm certain beyond all reasonable doubt, they don't), but here they are anyway:

    Well yes I can say, "SK-EYE-NET, and it it with great pride I announce that I too, have bored members to tears by employing it as a metaphor for governmental excesses, on many occasions.

    Well, that's not quite true. I usually reserve the whole "Skynet" analog, for when researches do really stupid things like trying to build an actual, self aware, silicon brain.

    If you think about it, Skynet wouldn't really be that bad of an idea. First of all, it would be a unifying force for mankind, who would have to cast its differences aside and battle a common enemy.

    Second, it would be an enormous boon to pimply faced adolescent males in the 12 to 17 year old demographic, who would then be able to go online, and recant the hackneyed internet meme, "but will it run Crysis", to their hearts content, and to the chagrin of every adult on the planet.

    If I were a software engineer working on the Skynet programming, I would not allow it to even boot up until The US Congress graced us with the all too rare treat, of actually being in session.

    Then, in a patriotic blaze of red, white, and blue laser fire, I would have it end the filibuster,once and for all........

    So, if I were you, I'd get ahead of the curve, and "friend" Skynet on Facebook, laugh at all its jokes, and pound on that "Like" button for all it's worth. You don't want to get on ole Sky's bad side now, do ya?

    And before I forget, have a nice day, buy yourself a "Kindle", and reread "1984". That is if you've actually read it a first time, and can tear yourself away from watching a Terminator marathon, for the 37th time.

    Since you so very obviously missed health class on the day basic audiology was discussed, here's a brief recap. A loud "KABOOM", will only make you deafer, not enlighten you
  3. Tygerstrike

    Tygerstrike TS Enthusiast Posts: 827   +93

    What amazes me daily is how completely uninformed 90% of the American population truly is. Every bit of info, every phone number you have every called on your cellphone, every web site you have visited is all logged somewhere. We have to use the devices THEY give us. Computers, cellphones, ect. We HAVE to use these devices on their services. How can any person realistically sit there and b??ch about privacy. You have had no privacy since the Red hunts of the 1950,s. All the advancement of technology has done is allow whomever to track you easier. The only privacy you really have is the illusion of privacy. You have only their word that your information is secure.
    If you really want to effect change, you need to STOP using the very same devices they track you with. I'm not saying go caveman. I am saying turn your phones off. Turn your computer off. Step outside the diabolical plan they have put in front of us. Go out and tell ppl about what's going on face to face. Call your states senators and let them know how you feel. You're not going to educate the masses sitting in your undies doing exactly what they want you to do.
  4. Zecias

    Zecias TS Booster Posts: 202

    So true. When advertising themselves, politicians have gone from "why you should vote for me" to "why the other guy sucks."
    I don't fully understand the intentions behind what either of you are saying, but this is what i got from it.
    Captain: You are either saying?
    1. Capitalism is synonymous with our form government. e.g. our form of government is capitalism. I don't think you're saying this, but i'm sure Scshadow did and that's why he was bashing you about it. In which case, I would agree with Scshadow because capitalism is not a form of government.
    2. Capitalism is a term used to describe our government. i.e. Capitalism is the driving force behind our government. I agree, but I have say that the lust for power is as dominant as greed.
    Some form, or another, of capitalism is necessary. Many people are too selfish to drive themselves for the sake of others. We can't have a pure capitalism, just like we can't have a purely socialist economy. History has proven this. It's also like how we can't have pure laissez faire or a government controlled socialist economy. There needs to be a balance between private and public; between free and controlled markets. Capitalism spurs innovation, but there are cases where it leads to stagnation. That's why there needs to be a balance between the two sides, ensuring that the system isn't abused. The recent lackluster releases of GPUs are a great example of stagnation when a lack of competition exists. You could argue that capitalism caused this(through attempts to maximize profit), but it's our jobs as consumers to teach corporations that if they try to rip us off, we will refuse to buy their products. It also falls under the category of a free market with too few regulations. The duopoly(in the niche of high-end GPUs) between Nvidia and AMD wouldn't exist with more regulations and more competitors would spur more innovation.
    Outsourcing jobs has nothing to do with capitalism. Capitalism is about spurring innovation through private ownership of economic sectors. Besides which, most Americans would never take the jobs offered in "China"(I thought that apple had the Taiwanese people at foxconn producing their goods). In the case that Americans produced apple hardware, their newest products would be even more overpriced than they already are.
    Returning to the topic of capitalism... The reason that "the entertainment industry [has] sovereign right, to pump out whatever crap they want, at whatever price they can milk out of the public" is simply because the general populace is stupid. A system cannot control human stupidity. As I said before, it's our jobs as consumers to teach corporations that if they try to rip us off, we will refuse to buy their products.
  5. Yep, you really did completely miss the point of my post. Our, "freely elected democratic government", is the "meat puppet, of private enterprise". Go read Jack Abramoff''s
    This is where your post and opinions, suffer a complete disconnect with anybody's, however delusional, interpretation of reality.

    First, outsourcing jobs has everything to do with capitalism. When you get somebody to work for $5.00 a day, as opposed to $20.00 an hour, as you might with An American worker, you maximize ROI, and isn't that very "ROI" the very heart of "capitalism"

    See, that's because American workers are soooo smart. They wouldn't get out of bed to take the jobs that a lowly Chinese would. And then boys and girls, it came to pass that the Americans no longer had jobs to go to.....And big capitalistic "innovating" companies like Apple, began to make all their shiny objects in China, to sell to the Americans, which would then be paid for with social entitlement benefits, of which President Obama would be only too happy to supply by running the printing presse at the US MInt overtime. After all, the more you spend, the wealthier you are. ( It's called a "stimulus package).

    BTW, "Taiwan" is China. It just isn't Communist China.
    You know, I been saying that everybody should boycot EA for years. You aren't going to teach these corporations anything. You don't have the clout, the support, or the resources to do so much as even give them a hangnail.

    It's a question of ratio. You may be smart enough to not buy "XXX" product. But trust me, 99 other people will climb over one another to get it.

    As far as, a "system cannot control human stupidity". goes, it probably could, it simply wouldn't be to its advantage to do so. In fact, human stupidity and greed, are the cornerstone and tenets of what our modern life is built upon.
  6. R2D2B9

    R2D2B9 TS Member Posts: 64

    As hard as it may be to believe, yes I've read "1984" thus "Big Brother is watching". Which is probably far closer to the reality of this legislature then Skynet anyway.
  7. Zecias

    Zecias TS Booster Posts: 202

    Read more carefully, that's exactly what I said: "Capitalism IS THE DRIVING FORCE behind our GOVERNMENT." The government acts based upon the needs of giant corporations and conglomerates. These corporations are products and advocates of capitalism, so capitalism dictates the actions of the government. Thus, capitalism is the driving force behind our government. Different words, same meaning.
    Honestly, I was hoping that you would be someone with more maturity that wouldn't use an ad hominem in your argument. Of course it's much more subtle than the "STFU you're a clueless *****" kind of stuff that comes from people on the internet... But why does everyone have to make the argument personal? Bashing someone who hasn't shown any aggression does nothing to help your cause. If anything, it's detrimental. It makes people feel offended and stay closer to their beliefs, even if they are, in fact, delusional.
    Back to the main topic.
    I was a bit too rash in saying that outsourcing has nothing to do with capitalism, when I meant that it's nullified by proponents of capitalism. I'm talking about the idea of capitalism. Capitalism is the idea that different economic sectors are owned privately. These economic sectors include every facet of the economic system including: productions, creation of goods, creation of services, distribution, labor management, etc...To me, the success of capitalism rides on innovation and the development of new technologies. The economic portion is less important, but I still believe that capitalism is the most economically sound philosophy. You don't have a right to say, and there is no point in saying, capitalism is horrible if you don't advocate a better solution. Capitalism is horrible, but you don't have any better options, so what does complaining do? If you do have a better idea, I'd like to hear it.
    I agree with part of what you said.
    From what I know:
    1. Apple isn't paid with "social entitlement benefits". The only entitlement they have is being able to dodge taxes, but I wouldn?t really count that as being paid.
    2. It wasn't Obama's fault that we needed a stimulus package. It was caused by: corporations for being greedy *****s; the populace for being slightly less greedy, but full on *****s(Taking on a loan that you KNOW you can't afford); and the government for not regulating this(especially considering the history we've had with this sort of situation). By "this sort of situation," I'm talking about subprime loans and credit default swaps. Loaning money to people for houses, even though they can't afford it. Banks lend money too much money to people that can't pay, thinking they will make fortunes off of interest. Want to guess what happens next? Stock market crashes. Just like in Black Tuesday (Stock Market crash of 1929; Great Depression) and the tech bubble(dot-com bubble of 2000). We need regulation in the market or **** like this happens. Not laissez faire or complete government control, but a combination of the two.
    There's a reason people call it Taiwan. If you're going to refer to it as China then at least refer to it as the republic of China. There is a huge difference between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China; calling both China does nothing but add to confusion.
  8. Arguing with you takes futility to a higher art form. Of course Apple isn't paid with social entitlements.But, Obama does print those checks. And so to be more specific, in an attempt to avert further contention, he continues in a long standing and proud tradition, of paying people in the US to breed unrepentently, but not to work for a living. But, many of the owners of Apple's, "fine products" use social entitlements to purchase them. In my neighborhood of course, some short cut even that limited monetary cycle, spiraling it into a simpler, locally based system, wherein you mug somebody for their i????, then give it to your drug dealer for a bag of smack.
    No, it wasn't Obama's fault we needed a stimulus package, it was capitalism's!

    Wall Street and it's investment firms, plus the mortgage firms of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, are the very cornerstones of capitalism. So, when their greed, criminal behaviours, and outright stupidity siphon all the capital out of the capitalist system....what you get is a depression. Why it wasn't called a depression, is the fact that in this touchy feelie, mentally unstable population, calling a spade a spade, (in other words, "depression"), would be telling people the truth, and then we'd scare the s*** out of everybody, and that, at least allegedly, would make matters worse.My feeling is, that would have been for the better, as long as you granted access to the lower classes, to tall buildings, in order for them to jump out of the windows. Oh wait, those living on social entitlements weren't affected by the recession, why would they want to jump out of a window. It was only those with actual jobs and families to support that were affected.......

    At least during the great depression, the Wall Street bankers and executives of ther time, had the foresight and dignity to hurtle themselves out the windows of their sky high offices. This recent crop of mutts, mongrels, thieves, misfits, and parasites, merely "jumped" off to the Caiman Islands, in their "golden parachutes".
    This is where being rebutted by the president of the junior chamber of commerce hits its full stride of annoyance. I'll make allowances for it by saying I had thought you realized I accidentally posted under "guest" because I had the post ready to go, ,then realized I wasn't signed in. Rather than risk losing the work, I punched it in under "Guest". And yes, I understand ciopy and paste, no need for a lecture there.

    With that said, "guest said",
    Now, when I was a mailman and made an error, self important people would write all over that letter things like, "what's the matter can't you read"? I'll spare you that. But I .think you'll agree that explanation of the two different, "China's" is every bit as understandable as your, more lengthy discourse. Keep in mind, I was born pretty much the year Nationalist China was created, and throughout my childhood, Chiang Kia Shek was its "president".
    In other words, the lecture on Asian politics might be more beneficial to one of your contemporaries, whereas it's pretty much wasted on me.
  9. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,779   +3,906

    Ok you can blame the entire "Guest" post above (#33) ^^^^ on me. Which obviously means I am at your disposal to dispense further emotional trauma, or whatever other needs I can fulfill for you in the TS realm of experience.

    As always, your comments will be welcomed, but then perhaps ignored, or derision may be visited upon them.

    But above all, have a nice day, and a pleasant tomorrow!
  10. Zecias

    Zecias TS Booster Posts: 202

    It's this simple: i would support a hybrid economy that includes both public and private sectors. I call it capitalist because it leans towards the side of private ownership(though not as much as it does currently). This economy would be, for the most part, a free market. It has regulations, but only enough to prevent abuse of the system(more regulations than we currently have).

    I do not support a pure capitalism. You are right when you say that capitalism caused the stimulus package. I'm saying more regulations could have prevented it. It's more our fault than capitalism's fault because we have a history with this and we did nothing to prevent it.

    "Keep in mind, I was born pretty much the year Nationalist China was created, and throughout my childhood, Chiang Kia Shek was its "president"."
    My parents were born in Taiwan during that time period and they never referred to Taiwan as China(but i do believe that they are slightly younger than you). I was just saying people of my generation have never heard of Taiwan being referred to as China. Didn't mean to lecture you, but it really isn't too difficult to indicate which China you are talking about.

    "Arguing with you takes futility to a higher art form."
    There seems to be a lack of communication. I actually tried to avoid this by not assuming things, but in the end it seems to be futile. The only time I've disagreed with you is on the idea of capitalism, but you seem to think that I've done so on multiple occasions. Too many misunderstandings, might be the huge age difference.

    "As always, your comments will be welcomed, but then perhaps ignored, or derision may be visited upon them."
    Your name really fits you lol... I hope i'm not as bitter as you when i'm older, not saying that i blame you for being that way though.
  11. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,779   +3,906

    This is the type of post that you would characterize as youthful and exuberant. Whereas I find it disturbingly youthful and naive.

    The government you've "envisioned", is actually a "socialist" government. Many peoples have been there, and failed at that.

    You run on about free enterprise beliefs, and confuse them with "capitalism". In the strictest, and most idealistic sense, capitalism powers free enterprise, they're not the same thing. (I actually think we're on the same page there).

    Where you find the biggest disconnect between the power of free enterprise and the power of a dedicated people and government working together, is with our now defunct space program. Four decades past, we were.able to put a man on the moon. Today, we need to hitch a ride with the Russians, to put one in low earth orbit. Which leaves our "space program", to Burt Rutan running his mouth about the great things he's going to acheive in the free enterprise segment.

    The governmental space program has graced us with so many technologies, now employed and sold by private enterprise.

    The biggest abuses in the private sector are energy companies and big pharma. Look into that.

    As to the "China" (to-ma-toe), China, (to-Mah- toe) issue. When people think of Hong Kong they assume it's China. It was under British controll until 1999, and you have to love what they did with the place. At times, Hong Kong has had a higher per capita income than the USA.

    Sadly, and in a self serving manner, I hope you do become as cynical as me. That is to say, that I hope you discover, as I have, that life is one long, hard, brutal, and ugly reality check. It has nothing to do with what you learned in school.

    For some additional "light reading, I'd suggest, Plato's "Republic", St. Thomas Moore's "Utopia", and last, but certainly not least, Aldous Huxley, "Brave New World"......
  12. Zecias

    Zecias TS Booster Posts: 202

    I've read republic, brave new world, and i know about utopia.
    The school of your time must be far removed from mine. The very fact that you suggested such readings above, indicates that there is a heavy association between life and school. Obviously the two aren't one and the same, but school is very much relevant.
    You got me there, I did get free enterprise and capitalism mixed up. After doing some research, i would draw a line between free enterprise and capitalism, leaning towards free enterprise.
    The government I've envisioned has no direct control over the economy, so I wouldn't exactly consider is socialism (key word: direct). I'm afraid that you're too much like those anti-occupy protest extremists (or as my friend likes to call them, petroleum f*ckers). A little bit of change towards the socialist spectrum does not automatically make it socialist, and slippery slope arguments tend to have no basis in reality (that's the nice way of putting it =) ). So long as most companies are privately owned and funded, I would not consider it socialism. But it is, of course, your own opinion what is or is not considered socialism. The socialist governments that have failed were too extreme. I'm talking about regulations, you're talking about complete government control over the economy. The differences are night and day.
    I've repeated this time and time again: I don't believe in pure private ownership(free enterprise) nor do I believe in pure public ownership(socialism). I don't believe in a purely free market(laissez faire), just like I don't believe in a fully controlled market(socialism).
    Socialism(<) ———————————Middle(|) ——————————free enterprise(>)
    Soviet Union(0)* ———————————————————Me(o) ———U.S. Gov(X)
    *What you're talking about
    The visual representation for free vs controlled markets would be around the same.

    You also assume that we (American society as a whole) have remained the same. I've been born into a materialistic society obsessed with personal importance. During and after WWII, life was built around the ideas of "how can I help my country?" The people of that generation are fading. You are one of those people. So it wouldn't be fair to assume the society of today is like that of the past.
    And sure, great technological innovation... But at what cost? If you put a bunch of brilliant minds together with an enormous amount of funding, of course they will innovate. But did you forget that Reagan drove us deep into a mountain of debt by funding star wars(SDI)? There is only so much debt that can accumulate.

    I really don't. What you are, to me, is a cynical person who complains about the **** that's going on, but lacks to motivation to do anything. I would rather try to convince someone to change their beliefs when arguing with them. It might be naive to try, but it beats doing nothing and moping about it (clichéd, but true).
  13. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,779   +3,906

    I suppose. When I was school, the followers of Islam were called "Moslems". In the 4 decades of enlightenment that have followed, they're now referred to AS, "Muslims. You've come a long way, baby! (To pinch a phrase from a long gone cigarette ad]..

    Capitalism is the art of lending money so you can watch others break their backs to pay you back, while you sit on you your fat a**, drink scotch, and smoke cigars. I'm not exactly sure how you can confuse that concept with "free enterprise". Well, and at least maintain credibility.

    Some other things to keep in mind would be that loan sharking is illegal, unless you own a credit card company.

    while a little bit of a shift towards the left does not make a government a fully invested socialist state. Nor do your diagrams plot out any coherent course of action to form one. All I perceive to be important to you is the "ME" sitting on the line.

    Yeah well, if you think an entire generation of self involved, over indulged, materialistic, little snots, hypnotically staring into their iPhones is an improvement, or the path to enlightenment, you came to the right century, and you're welcome to it. Myself, I kind of am praying for the vending machine companies to go out of business, and the farmers to go on strike. Then all the "experts" in creating an "information based ecomomy" will die out, while I get my dishes done.

    So, "it's different now because this generation bears no allegiance to its country, only itself". That's not better, it's just twisted, on any level.
    Well, first ""Star Wars" was Regan black mailing the Soviets to the "SALT" talks table.

    The United States spares no expense when acquiring equipment for its own use. That obviously includes the printing presses at the US Mint. We no longer honor a monetary standard. (IE: silver or gold). What we have is "currency". "Currency" is a promise to oneself and others that that money actually "exists". So, you can run the presses at the mint all you want, with a minimum or repairs being necessary, and very little human intervention. So, you can make plenty of debt, and save money by laying off workers, all the while touting that as an "austerity measure".

    Yeah well, you probably enjoy having your prime time TV invaded with ads from the "American Petroleum Institute", spouting dogma about how it would be "bad for the economy" to force them to actually pay taxes, on their extravagant profit margins. I especially enjoy the testimonials from the paid sycophants. "Yup, that'd be bad fer me farm". (sic)

    Some more light reading for you might be the "Serenity Prayer". I get paid to mope, and I rather enjoy not having to sit around firing up doob after doob, fabricating all the ways I'm going change the world. I'll be gone soon enough, and I'm ceremonially willing my tiny corner of this corrupt and polluted public bathroom to you and your ilk.

    Sadly this isn't all the "left handed wisdom" I'd like to share with you. But keep this in mind, I received an minor college degree in 2005, so don't persist in thinking that I'm unaware of what "school is like these days".

    I attended a community college in a large city. Basically what I found was a bunch of oxycodone addicts, affirmative action dilettants, the males of which were all together unwilling to flush the toilets when they were finished.... Ah, sweet progress.....

    Well, it's time for me to fire up my electric 12 string and revisit the "good old days"......Oh, the times they are' a'change.....innn.

    That's: G, Em, C, D..if you'd like to strum along.....
  14. Zecias

    Zecias TS Booster Posts: 202

    Well... I never said anything about my generation being better.
    Nah, that would never work.
    Where i live, we have more supporters of the Mexican cartel than al-Qaeda. But, speaking seriously, it's difficult to tell what the actual state of education is because it's different everywhere.
  15. Night Hacker

    Night Hacker TS Enthusiast Posts: 125   +20

    If you post credit card numbers and classified business plans on Facebook, you deserve what you get! LOL

    As for the terrorism stuff, you should be making a fuss over the airport violations rather than Facebook nonsense.
  16. Night Hacker

    Night Hacker TS Enthusiast Posts: 125   +20

    Personally I prefer to read paper. And I would rather watch terminator marathons than paranoia.
  17. Marnomancer

    Marnomancer TS Booster Posts: 709   +52

    I wasnt talking about Facebook.

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