House electrical problems and static electricity

By abbey
Sep 19, 2004
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  1. Hi this is Abbey, and I enjoy and get alot out of your forum.
    just a comment about someone saying the electric is blowing bulbs and causing static electricity in there home!

    From experience, on your breaker box whereverit is, there is a copper wire, about a #8 that comes from your breaker to a steel stake in the ground. That is the nuetral ground. Take a A/C voltmeter atleast 600 Volts AC and take one lead and touch the copper wire and take the other lead and stick it in the ground, yes in the grass or dirt next to the pole the copper wire is connected to. If you have any voltage readings at all, call the electric company, its dangerous and costly. You have a electrolosis problem at the power pole or service connection at the house. Usually from a tree limb touching your power line or just alot of moisture.

    My experience, I lost everything digital in my house before I found the problem, and luck prevailed, my electric company took responsibility and reimbursed me for everything. With a faulty nuetral ground, on a single phase 120volt house box, you have two legs which split the 240 volts from your power transformer on your pole to make 120 volts. With out nuetral, you will have maybe 70volts on one leg and the other one will spike upto 190 or 200 volts, thats why your bulbs are blowing and things burn up. And it gets worse if overlooked!

    Its not safe, for you or animals, you might as well be living under a power grid line. And becareful running around bare footed outside!

    Hope I helped you!

    Thanks for letting me in the forum!
  2. AdrianScotter

    AdrianScotter TS Rookie Posts: 39

    I'm glad I live in the UK! I don't like the sound of those volts all running around on their own... especially if they escape and cost me money!
  3. abbey

    abbey TS Rookie Topic Starter

    In tjis tropical climate it happens, along with hurricanes and flooding. Need to move to the west in the USA


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