how can i decrease my ping in command and conquer renegade?

Oct 16, 2004
  1. i am playing the game in 30-40 player servers with 400-500 ping when the player number is few for example 7-8 players i am playing with 200-300 ping but i would like to play the game in 30-40 player servers with 200-300 ping(maximum 300)how can i do this
    there is a console command net_update_rate what is this command and how does it work must ı write a value after net_update_rate for example net_update_rate 100
    if ı must write a value what is the best net_update_rate value for 128/32 adsl modem i am connecting from turkey
    in unreal tournament 2004 there is a console command netspeed 2600 when i write this command i play the game with 200 ping
    is there a console command like this in command and conquer renegade for decreasing my ping
    there is a console command set_bw_budget_out what is this command and what is the best value for this command
    is this command effective for decreasing my ping
    please answer my questions thanks everybody
  2. Justin

    Justin TS Rookie Posts: 942

    Like I said in a similair thread:

    The PING displayed in UT and other FPS games is not accurate; the only real accurate ping is the one you see from the ping command. You cannot do much to improve your ping as it is out of your hands.

    There are many network and system tweaks which can improve your own machine, as well as let your machine handle the network more efficiently, but there is no magic wand which can improve your ping.
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