How do I recover lost emails and docs after computer formatted?

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I went and reformatted my computer, (major issues with it)
Long story short I don't have any of my saved outlook emails etc.
Is there anyway of recovering them? I thought that I did find some but they are
only like shortcuts or it says that I can't open it due to the path etc.

Its for work and I really need my stuff. I would appreciate any help at all.
It was running on Windows XP and had outlook 2007


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You will probably need to use a data recovery program. Most of these are rather expensive however, there are a few free ones around. I've used Pandora Recovery for a lot of clients and had rather positive results.

It is a free download and pretty straight forward to run


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Outlook stores your archived email in a PST file.

Formatting your hard drive doesn't destroy the data necessarily, but overwriting it does. When Windows and your applications were reinstalled, your deleted PST file may have been partially or completely overwritten.

Recuva is a good, free data recovery utility. No doubt you'll need to do a full scan to find your PST file -- The quick scan won't find it. Here's a quick tutorial I found using Recuva for PST files. I hope it helps.


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if your office uses a Domain Controlled system, then Exchange will have all the originals.
CONTACT the help desk for assistance and do not attach to their network until you do.
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