How do I transfer files between laptop and desktop?

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Aug 16, 2003
  1. I need to transfer files between a laptop and desktop (A one-off task). Will a simple cable with a USB at each end do ... or do I also some sort of software in addition to the cable ..or even a special data cable?

  2. Nic

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    USB won't do (unless special software, and maybe also special cables are used), but either a firewire, or RG45 network cable would be best (there are other options also). Other things you could do are to copy the files to a disk or external drive, then transfer to the desktop. Email is another option.
  3. aenimaxx

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    yeah i would just get a networking crossover cable if both computers had a NIC card...that's the best method of data transfer. however, if u dont have a NIC card u could just burn your data to cd-r's.
  4. StormBringer

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    What OS are these machines running? In XP you can set up a direct connection using USB and the network connection wizard. You can also do it in 2k I believe. And 98 would do this using serial and parallel cables. The procedure is a little different in 9x and may need to be installed from the OS disc if it isn't already on the system.

    I've been using this method between desktops for years and don't see any reason for it to not work with a laptop.
  5. acidosmosis

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    From what that says it sounds like connecting via USB direct connect shouldnt be a problem, so what you should have to do is connect the desktop and laptop via the USB cable, then go into the Network Wizard and setup the connection as Direct Connect.
  6. Lineman

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    Good info

    Thank all of you for the info. I have a good idea what to do now.

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