How do i uninstall drivers for GTX 770

By boagz57
Aug 6, 2013
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  1. Just wondering what the proper method was to uninstall old drivers for my GTX 770 on windows 7. Should I use some type of program to uninstall them or do it manually through add/remove, and if so which ones do I uninstall? Problem was I installed the ones on the disk that came with my card, then I installed ones from the NVidia website. I'm getting some screen stuttering with BF3 and I want to see if its related to my drivers.
  2. Jad Chaar

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    Recent nVidia drivers have been troublesome. You can uninstall drivers with tools like Driver Sweep, but there is a simpler way. Just do the following:
    1) Download the latest driver from the site:
    2) Run the installer.
    3) Choose the "Custom Install" option.
    4) Check the box that says "Clean Install".
    5) Click Ok and proceed with the installation.
    6) Reboot your PC.

    If that doesnt work, there may be an issue with your GPU.

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