How long should file transfers take?

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Feb 26, 2010
  1. tipstir

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    It's okay, I know I am too technical. LOL! There are a few more tweaks though. Most involve to edit the registry. I use to use pre-define *.reg files, they should work. I do a lot remote into systems so I need the best throughput.
  2. Fantasizer

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    As you said there are many variables, but shortly I can say 10 GB is considered as high mass through network. Hours maybe days, it takes!
  3. tipstir

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    The measurement of how these transfer rates varies between the given ratio of how the 10/100/1000mbps are handled. Real-time 6/60/600mbps as if you use PCI should be able to move 30mb/s and PCI-E should do 50+mb/s. Again factoring in your system HDD controller, HDD cache and spin speed to and from both systems. So 10GB (6000GB). Most home users are stuck at 100 or 1000.
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