How secure is just partition table encryption?

By georgetok
Jul 13, 2011
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  1. Hi,

    I found this Disk Encryption Software Called " StorageCrypt " that is extremely fast.

    But it Encrypts only Partition Table & File System in few seconds using AES.

    It can encrypt the whole HDD with OS or individual partitions.

    It will not boot if you connect it to any other PC. You have to connect it as a slave & put in password to open it.

    It says " StorageCrypt uses data verify to validate the password, the encryption algorithm is 128 bits, it's high security level "

    I know Real Encryption is much more secure but it takes a long time & compared to it this is very convenient & fast.

    (1) How secure would my HDD be if it ended up in wrong hands ?

    (2) Also there are other software that protects your individual partitions & folders with a Password.

    Thus both are easy & fast.

    Which one of the two is more secure ?


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