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How to backup complete op system, browser, etc

By macx
Sep 5, 2016
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  1. I've looked into it a little but don't know enough to even know what all the terms really mean.

    I want to create a complete backup in case of I.e. ransomeware, a HD crash, or whatever.

    I bought a WD My Passport Ultra 1TB but WD Backup won't install on my Win 7 x64 Dell Inspiron. The other WD apps that came on the drive work but Backup won't. It will open and it says it installs and it appears to run but when I get to the Select Backup Target screen it says No Target Identified. Also won't show up in Control Panel Programs or per the WD tech not even in the Registry. (I've had a WD tech take over my computer but even he couldn't figure it out.) I had previously installed a similar drive on a friend's 8.1 machine and it works fine, so I tried my drive on hers and it works there.

    Anyway, if after another session with the WD tech it just refuses to install and work, I'd like to try a free aftermarket backup app.

    After some research it seems I need to create a System Image which includes my complete operating system with all settings, etc, besides just backing up all my files.

    Could someone please explain, in layman's terms, what I need to do, and recommend a good software.

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