How to determine if RAM is faulty

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I'm having a hell of a time figuring out why I get the BSOD. I have a thread here:

There I had my minidumps examined and it seemed to show signs of faulty RAM.

Then I tried one stick problems...then the problems. Both again, and after several days, finally I get one crash.

I can't tell what it is anymore. A friend suggested maybe the mobo was having problems keeping up in dual channel, or that the mobo was set for a heavy demand on the RAM and when both are in, they can't work together fast enough.

I don't know...I'm close to getting new RAM, but would hate to still have the same problem.

I have 2GB (2X1GB) of Kingston PC3200 DDR 184 pin Value RAM. (Link to RAM given in thread listed above)

My PC is BRAND NEW, there seem to be no problems, brand new p/s, everything.

I'm half out of my head over this...I've had this system for nearly 3 months without stability!


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thanks, but i've ran that before. it runs fine for many tests...all night
but i've read that memtest doesn't necessarily spot problematic ram in all cases...


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run MEMTEST86 overnight. Run it at least more than 7 passes.
If you have bad RAM, it will find it. The longer you run it - the more accurate.
If you come with bad blocks, note where it is from the readout. If it is less than 1GB, then you know the block is in your first stick, if it is over 1GB, it is in your second stick.

I had some new ram that only lasted about 5 months. It went bad. I replaced it after memtest dsicovered it was faulty.
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