How to get audio to 4 speakers instead of 2

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Nov 6, 2007
  1. I have realtek audio HD sound built into my motherboard. When I try and play music or movies through itunes or windows media player the sound only comes out of my front 2 speakers. I'm using 2 front and 2 rear speakers with a subwoofer currently and have it set up through the realtek audio manager that way. When I test it through that program the sound comes out of all 4 speakers perfectly. How do I get itunes and wmp to play sound through all 4 speakers even if it's only 2 channel audio? I appreciate any responses, thank you
  2. Tmagic650

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    You may have only one choice... Getting a PCI based sound card
  3. Blind Dragon

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    2 channel audio will only play on 2 speakers. 5.1 means 4 speakers and a sub

    Now, how do you have your speakers set up does it come out of your computer into an amp? or are you just plugging straight into your machine

    If you are plugging straight in -

    1) Blue In socket = Rear speaker out
    2) Green out socket = front speaker out
    3) Red mic out socket = subwoofer out
    make sure you have the latest audio controls should be available through -> go into sound manager -> set configuration to 5.1

    If you have an amp. I got a surround sound with amp from walmart for $40.
    1) just plug into the green out socket and set the configuration to 2 channel because it gets reconfigured at the amp anyways.
  4. Didou

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    Wouldn't that be 5 speakers & a sub instead ?
  5. eroz

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    unless the monitor is the center speaker....:D
  6. Blind Dragon

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    yes 5 spekers + sub = typo
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