How to identify your webcam (and then find its driver)

There is no hardware id for my webcam in properties though I found 2-3 drivers online but after installing them 4 out of 10 times I on the webcam the PC goes into blue screen error, I searched the old CD but that installation increased the blue screen frequency I use dell inspirion 3452 and webcam of some company gemini. If you can help it would be much........
Would it be possible for someone to help me with webcam indentification I've looked at the Device Manager Hardware and the following shows up


It's a cheap so called Full HD 1080P camera from China with no indication on package or on camera what Model No it is I'd appreciate any advice as to what driver I could try !

Regards, Rob1943
I probably wrote my question in the wrong area sorry but it doesn't matter as I have resolved it myself thanks ?
Hi, may I know how did you fixed your webcam? because I probably have the same brand as yours, but an HD 720p. The USB device doesn't recognized from my updated windows 10 :( I can't find what driver to download. Your response would be much appreciated ^_^