How to repair Windows XP/2000 if you are unable to boot into Windows


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That needs to be the very first thing you do is get a firewall and activate it, then go directly to Windows Update and update everything. Then once that is done get your scanners, then use your internet carefully. This will help keep all that spyware and such out.


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.hey Rick i just read thru your solution which is what i have been trying to do the whole week before coming here but i failed to start still . so anyway i decided to use the A drive to boot my Pc but i am going as far as A:/> ....... then it asks me to type a command ... so what command should i type from that DOs prompt to reboot my PC from the A drive ?


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Hey Rick i am kind of new here .. did you get my message about failure to Boot win XP from A drive after getting the A:/>... prompt ...... ?i dont know what command to type ..if you did my apologies


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Um....I'm assuming you are responding to an email sent to Rick, and will let this go :.p

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whsballin said:
But i seem to be having the same problem as everyone else in this thread and wondered if there was anyone patient enough to try and help me out. I did everything up until it got to the repair screen after loading all of the windows files from the cd. However, once there it just had the command prompt and I had no idea what to type. So I just tried resetting, but was still presented with Windows not fully loading, a blue screen flashing, and then my computer restarting. Can anyone please help?

Thank you!
this problem could be from your keyboard. some keyboards have a button called F keys and its like numlock with the light or something like that its to enable the F buttons because the default are shotcut keys like to open programs and such.i have also experienced this problem with my sisters comptuer.
Please help me... I am so confused

Hi... this seems like the right forum that I should be on but I'm not sure so I'm sorry if I am on the wrong one.

Anyway... I really don't know anything at all about computers, and I need help with a lot of details please.

I have Windows XP Home. My power went out the other night while my computer was in the middle of restarting. It was connected to the surge protector but when the power came back and I went to start up, my computer wouldn't work. When I turn it on it goes to the "your computer was not shut down properly" screen (I don't know what the technical name for that screen is, I'm sorry). I went though each of the options (start up normally, last known good configuration, safe mode, etc) and every time (except with the safe modes... I'll get to that in a second) it would start to start up (with the little flag and the bar under it with the blue things scrolling across while you wait for it to start up... again I don't know the technical name) but then in the middle of that (before it got to the screen where you pick a user and type in your password) the screen would just go black, shut down, turn itself on again, and go back to the "your computer was not shut down properly" screen again. In safe mode, it would start to do all the comand prompts (I think that's what they're called... the little words and codes that show up in white font on the black screen while you are starting up in safe mode) and then in the middle it would just stop, go black, shut off, turn back on, and go back to that screen where you choose the startup mode. I tried all of the different start up modes, gave up for a few days, went back and tried again, and now when I try to start in regular mode it does all the same things but right before it turns black and shuts off, a blue screen with something written on it in white pops up for literally like half a second and then my computer shuts down again, etc. I have absolutely no idea what to do about it. I talked to my dad (he's not a realy computer whiz either) but he said to take it to CompUSA. I just took it there and they want to charge me $200 to save my files, delete my entire hard drive, and then only reinstal the original Windows XP Home programs. I don't want to pay $200, have all of my programs deleted (some are downloaded from forever ago and others I have no idea where the installation CDs are), and I don't want people playing with my computer if I can possibly do it myself. As soon as I found out I came home and stearched on google, found this site, read a little, and it seems like this site is very helpful.

So PLEASE help me!! Before I do anything, should I go back to CompUSA and take my coputer back? Once again, I'm sorry that I don't know any technical terms and that I am so unfarmiliar with computers. I'm also sorry if this is the wrong place for me to be posting. Please, help help help!!!


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Well I think you posted this in the correct thread. But did you read the beginning part of it? I think a repair of XP should take care of your problem. Go back to page one and read the first few posts.
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Windows XP repair

I was installing a program the other day and once done it says I need to restart the computer, so I did and it wouldn't boot, it said ntldr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart. I do this and it is just a loop going back to the same message. I change the settings to boot from CD and put in Win XP and follow everything you stated in the beginning of this thread to do a repair. I arrived at a screen with options not mentioned and need to know which one to choose so I do not lose my data. This is what it says:

CAUTION: A \WINDOWS folder already exists that may contain a Windows installation. If you continue, the existing Windows installation will be overwritten.
All files, subfolders, user accounts, applications, security and desktop settings for that Windows installation will be deleted. The "My Documents" folder may also be deleted.
To use the folder and delete the existing Windows installation in it Press L

To use a different folder press ESC

To quit Setup press F3

What do I do at this point?


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In setup the first choice should be [Enter] to set up XP.

The next choice should be [R] for a repair on this screen if should be offering you C:\WINDOWS.

Try again and see if you arrive here.
I was following the steps recommended at the beginning of this thread which is what brought me to the screen I mentioned.

Now I have started over and am at the Windows XP recovery console screen

it asks which windows installation I want to log onto

C:\WINDOWS being my only choice, then past administrators password
now at

What do I do at this point?


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1 Step to far. You should have pressed [Enter] instead of [R].

Welcome to setup = [Enter]
F8 - to agree licence
XP Professional Setup - I think Home is the same.
Here you should see C:\Windows highlighted = [R]
Now it should setup replacing its files on top of the existing.

I hope this is OK.
Thats not what I get, it says:

The following list shows the existing partitions and unpartioned space on this computer

To set up Windows XP on the selected item press ENTER

to create a partition in the unpartioned space press C

to delete the selected partition press D

C: Partition1 (NTFS) - is the only option I have to select


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For some reason to me it sounds like it isn't recognizing your current Windows installation. There could be any number of reasons that cause this, but at this point I would suggest taking that HDD out and putting it into another computer and backing up all your important data, then reinstalling windows.

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Good idea, and if it still doesn't work on that computer, back all that stuff up on another harddrive and take it down to one of your local computer stores and ask them to erase everything foryou.

That should get rid of the problem (maybe is a bad sector on the disk in the os partition)
Its not encrypted is it

If the drive is encrypted (the files and folders labels are green instead of black) Windows partition then the bios will not read it because it can't ( on the computer that encrypted it )

So if you can't get it done there im sure there is a hard drive shreeder or something like that that will bring that baby back to factory condition

Good Luck :)
Another problem with SISAGP.SYS

Hello. I am currently having the same problem as Mere24 had with the SISAGP.SYS file but I am having no luck at all. I will explain the current situation.

2 days ago my computer was working pretty much perfectly. Apart from a little lag I could see no symptoms of any problems happening with my computer. I left the room to make a cup of coffee and I came back to see a blue screen saying that an unexpected error had occured causing the system to shut itself down.

I tried restarting it several times, but when it got to the Windows Logon screen it stalled for a few seconds before coming up with the blue screen again.

I got out my WinXP (home) CD and ran the recovery setup on the first page when I was asked to locate a SISAGP.SYS file that was on the SiSA CD. On the drop down menu it said it was looking for it in the C:\WINDOWS folder but there's nothing like that there. Not knowing what the file was or where it could be found I pressed ESC and the setup process continued, and completed. The computer restarted and got to the Windows Logon screen again.

Instead of coming up with a blue screen my system does one of 2 things:

1. It stalls for a few seconds, the screen goes black and the system restarts itself.

2. An error message saying something similar to:

"winlogon.exe has encountered an unexpected error. Press OK to terminate or Cancel to Debug"

bug before I get to press either OK or Cancel the system stalls for a couple of seconds and restarts.

I have tried running in safe mode, and I have tried going through the recovery setup countless times but still no luck. I think all I need is this one file, and I have no idea where it is. The only CDs I have that would be of any use is my WinXP CD and a support CD. When I try to run the support CD however, it won't run unless I format, and I really do not want to reformat (I can move all of my essentials to other drives when prompted for the SISAGP file but I would rather I kept it all).

Does anyone know a place where I could find this file, or the directory for the file, or even a way to get around this problem? Any help would be deeply appreciated.
Thank you.


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Try going on to the enternet and search yahoo for the file that you need.

Download file

Then try putting the file on a disk and installing it or look for "what directory is File suppssed to be in."

doing this has helped me when I accidently erased some dll files.
Still can't boot into XP!!!

Hi everyone

I have read all 174 posts in this thread which has proved really informative :giddy:, I have tried lots of the solutions posted here however, I still find that my problem is not solved. Please can anyone help?

My XP laptop won't boot into Windows, it gets to the blue screen after the Windows XP screen and sometimes comes up with applying network settings and applying computer settings, but it always ends with the following message and then restarts itself.

It was coming up with Winlogon.exe
The exception 0xc00000fd occurred in the application at loc 0x01253bba. Click OK to terminate, Click Cancel to debug. Neither of these options worked, the pc just restarted it self again.

But then I repired the O/S using the XP CD and now I get this blue screen of death:
STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}
The Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000080 The system has been shut down. Then the system hangs.

I get the same error when I try to boot into Safe mode. I have tried using the Ultimate Boot Cd and still no luck :confused:

I need to get the data off the HDD before formatting it, the only problem is I don't seem able to connect it to another pc as a slave drive as it is a laptop and doesn't appear to have the correct connectors.

Can anyone suggest a way to copy the data off the HDD or boot into windows.

Any ideas would be very gratefully received.

Many thanks

Mikky G