How to stop an annoying installation window from popping up?

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Aug 30, 2008
  1. My downstairs neighbor came to me with a problem: Windows would not come up, he could not access his programs or the Internet. He has an old Compaq Presario. So
    I went to the last good known configuration and a window popped up that said, "The software you are installing for this hardware, ACPI Multiprocessor PC, has not
    passed Windows logo testing..." So I stopped the installation and took a guess that must have been the root of his problems. I noticed that every time I start up
    his computer, that annoying window pops up every time, and so I have to stop the installation every time.

    Now let's go to the Control Panel...

    Under Computer, it shows an ACPI Uniprocessor PC. iF i click update, it tries to install the multiprocessor that Windows says hasn't passed logo testing. Same
    thing for Scan for Hardware Changes. For Rollback Driver, no previous drivers are found.

    Under Processors, two Intel processors are found. do I get rid of the annoying window that prompts me to continue or discontinue the multiprocessor installation? I really don't want to tell him,
    "Well, gee, you have to press 'Stop Installation' before you can pass go and collect $200!"
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    Update all the drivers from the computer's Manufacture's support page trustingly.
    ie If Windows prompt it hasn't passed the logo testing, just continue the install (allowing anyway)
    Any issues (ie computer now does not work (unlikely as it is)
    Just press F8 at Windows startup, and select "Last known good configuration"

    Continue on
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    Those are terrific ideas, Kimsland and CCT. I had an interesting time goofing off with all the HALs and learning new things, deleting hals and re-installing them after I didn't get the desired results. I also uncovered more incompatible softwares that wanted to install, most of them audio related. Since he didn't have more than half a megabyte of files on his hard disk, I thought the best thing to do was to save his files and emails, wipe the slate clean which also got rid of numerous tryouts and unusable softwares, and make it simple for him.
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    Good reference!
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