how to uninstall windows 2000

By Ahmed ยท 4 replies
Apr 25, 2006
  1. in my machine there are 2 os ,windows 2000 advanced server and windows 98,i want to upgrade to windows xp but it sayd you can not have 3os,i can not ugrade 2000 to xp and can not have 3os,so the solution is get rid of 2000 and ugrade 98os to windows xp.
    can anone tell me how i can delete/uninstall windoes 2000 advanced server
    also can you tell me please how to burn a bootable cd


  2. Nodsu

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    Who said you cannot have 3 OS?

    You "uninstall" by deleting all the files that belong to Win2k (bar the boot files that you still need). Reformatiing the Win2k partition will do too.
  3. Ahmed

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    Hi Nodsu,when i tried to make fresh install of windows xp to the exesting operatin systems i got amessage saying you can't have 3 os,even not able to upgrade win98 to xp,it asks me to get rid of 2000 advanced server first as its not upgradable to winxp,i think it's because 2000 advanced server is designed for servers not for a normal pc...not quite sure really just assumpsion.

  4. Nodsu

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    You are supposed to boot from the XP CD. If you run it from within another Windows, then it only does an upgrade.
  5. es84

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    hey ahmed, there are 2 os on the system , it will make the system solow
    YOu need to start the system from the XP CD , then do a normal reformat , then make NTFS and have 2 partitions , this will help incase windows crash, you can save all the data on the 2 nd partition which doesnt have XP on it
    incase of crassh just install xp on the first partiton again , hence lot of data saved
    pls let me know if u need help in booting from the XP cd . u need to makje the CD rom as the first boot device
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