Hp clj 1500 full printing system driver needed

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Mar 19, 2008
  1. I need the toolbox which is bundled with the full system. I have the CLJ 3500 which has a toolbox that supports the 1500 but it doesn't work. If anyone has the CD and can upload it I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  2. kimsland

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  3. squir

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    HP: kimsland

    I didn't realize this forum was HP monitored. When you write "AutoDetection (black box)" do you mean from add/remove printers or from the toolbox. Toolbox doesn't have an autodetect and only gives me "an error occurred: there are no devices connected" and the printer is listed under printers but only the simple driver is there and that doesn't have the toolbox. If you can help me with the toolbox or full driver I would be grateful.
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    Sorry meant "Start Detection" in the link I provided. (each site has its own little name, it's hard to keep up). :)


    Please go HERE and select your Operating System
  5. squir

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    toolbox HP CLJ 1500

    I have already installed this driver and was on HP chat for about 2 hrs but the toolbox from 3500 will not recognize the 1500. Checked java version, ports 5225 and 5226, processes: hpbpsttp, statusclient and javaw
  6. squir

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    Do you suggest I reinstall and if so should I stop the processes and do an uninstall first
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    I suggest you go back to free chat (also in the link I provided) and re-confirm the steps to take.

    Here we go, this doesn't happen much, it's coming, .... It's beyond me (damn I said it!)
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