HP computer with Vista not recognizing internet

By ssanders
Aug 3, 2008
  1. I am a Mac user who is trying to help my mother figure out an issue with her Compac. Talk about blind leading the blind. Anyways... a few days ago, her internet stopped connecting. It is high speed/no router. I hooked up my laptop & it worked, so I know it's not Mediacom.
    I was on the phone with a tech guy at Mediacom & after he had me perform many steps, he said the problem is found in device manager and Network Connections Sharing Center. When I go to the Network Connections Sharing Center & manging net connections: all that shows up is dial-up. When I go to Device Manager, there is only one item listed & it has a yellow triangle with a ! The guy who was trying to talk me through this had me try to delete & reboot- no luck.
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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    Ah I know this problem...

    I don't think it is with drivers but you need only to go to Network Connection and you have to disable Network adapter and then enable and all will work well...
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