HP L7590 printer driver error w/vista

By pop's attic
Jun 22, 2008
  1. Can not install driver for HP all-in-one officejet pro printer L7590. Installs up to 94% then issues fatal error message: MSI.BPD_Scan Fatal error during installation Invalid Drive G:\ I have a brand new computer, Dell Inspiron 531 with Vista Basic Home Edition 32-bit processing. Spent several months communicating with HP and tried every proceedure and every driver they have but they just don't want to address the real problem. I have other computers with Windows XP and the printer installed on them and workes fine. The printer is really great. Is it true that HP did not write enough drivers for all of their printers to be compatible with all of the different versions of Vista? Is there an explanation for this error code or any way around it?
    This is my first post, thank you for any help you may offer. Pop
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