Hp.nx9010.wireless internet..??.help.??.advanced.users.wireless help.?

By djconspiracy
May 18, 2006
  1. hey i guys i have a hp laptop nx9010 and the wireless or the ethernet internet does not work, i tried chaning soem setting but it didnt work..when i open the internet explore it always says cant find server and a window pops up saying [windows offline] try again and stay offline... im not sure how to use the wireless internet so can u guys pls help ????

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  2. Nodsu

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    Where are you trying to connect? Your own internet connection with a router in between?

    Do the foolproof wired connection first.

    Disable all firewalls on your computer.

    Connect the cable. See that the link light comes up on the laptop or at least on the router/switch. Make sure the LAN adapter is set to receive its IP configuration automatically or put in the correct IP configuration yourself.

    Open up Windows command prompt and run "ipconfig". There is a gateway listed for your local area connection. Try pinging it - "ping gateway.ip.address.here"
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