HP OmniBook 4150 Can anyone help me to reset the Password

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Feb 7, 2008
  1. My daughter's friend in her classroom enabled the pass on her laptop as a joke. Now the joke is not so funny since she can no longer access any information off of the laptop. Can anyone help me in resetting the Master Password. The Laptop is an Omnibook 4150. I managed to get the hashcode which is "15043". Hopefully someone can help me out.

    Than You
  2. tuant

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    Why not just ask her classmate what the password is? Is this the password at the initial startup (BIOS) or password at the login prompt?
  3. netime

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    The password comes up at the login prompt. The laptop never had a password set before this happened. After three attempts the system shuts down. Her classmate at first didn't say that she was the one who put in the pass. After a few days she told her and put in the pass but the system keeps coming up with the message "incorrect password". What started out as a small prank may eventuelly cause my daughter's grades to suffer. I'm at a loss, I've tried everything.
  4. britastic

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    I also have a 4150 BIOS password problem.
    System Hash - 00776
    Thanks in advance
  5. champ

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    try this

    when you start the laptop hit direct f2 and type this password ( wrhussh)
    good luck
  6. champ

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    wrong post

    wrong post
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