HP Printer send to shared folder issue


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Dear Experts

I have got HP LaserJet M5035 MFP Series printer that initially was able to scan documents to shared folder on 2xDesktops (PC1 and PC2) windows 8

I upgraded PC1 (but not yet PC2) only from windows 8 to windows 10 pro and I tried to copy the same setting as it was on windows 8

Created folder on windows 10 and shared it and edited permission tab and security tab as well

I can access that shared folder on PC1 from PC2 no issue.

On the web interface of the printer when I click on : "Test Folder Access" I get below error message

Unable to reach ’\\VISIONDESKTOP\Kylie_Scans’. Please check the location and make corrections as needed



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Two things you need to check first.

1. What is your DNS setup like? VISIONDESKTOP is the computers name, but does the scanner know that? A quick test would be to use the IP address associated with VISIONDESKTOP in lieu of the PC Name.

2. How does the scanner authenticate against the share on VISIONDESKTOP? Does it have the same permissions?

The last thing that we might need to worry about is SMB version. Windows 10 does not have SMBv1 by default. See the Microsoft KB about this change HERE. But I would check the first two before I would worry about SMB.