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HP Vectra VL 6, series 8, sound card driver

By trodas
Sep 15, 2008
  1. I need sound driver, working, for HP Vectra VL 6, series 8 machine anjd Windows 2000. My friend want it for his little daughter, however she insist on the sound working. Things work rather well in Win98se, but Win98se is not working well anyway. Useless system, so to be able to run more recent/decent programs, a Win 2000 has to be used. SP4. Luckily they detect everything right away, including onboard Matrox graphic card and NIC. Unlike the Win98se the USB ports can be used now, etc.

    Everything works, except for the damn sound.

    HP on their site looks like to offer drivers for much OS types, however when you check these links more closely, well... usually only diagnostic utilities are offered for Win2k or XP systems:

    Or for O/S2 Warp - there is a sound driver for it!
    (sound driver is available too for Win3.11, Win95, WinNT3.51, WinNT4.0 and strangely NOT for Win98...!)

    But since it worked with Win98se, then I hope that there are some different drivers somewhere that WILL work with the sound too, under Win2k. Anyone got a experience with this machine?

    Any help, please?

    I know it is a lousy PII 350Mhz thing, but... it works :)
    Except for movie playback. The onboard graphic (or it is just a driver limitation?!) did not have PIP, and much less a YUV one, so all has to be converted by CPU and it did not make it... I wonder if a Matrox driver could fix that...

    Anyway, there are some pins descriptions from manual, eg. how to reset bios password for the HP Vectra VL 6, series 8:

  2. Tmagic650

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    Have you searched on the Net for places like or Google?
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