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HTC Titan Windows Phone 7.5 Smartphone Review

By Julio Franco ยท 12 replies
Oct 25, 2011
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  1. lawfer

    lawfer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,270   +91

    I would recommend doing your reviews more in-depth. I could notice by watching the video that the reviewer lacked the interest while reviewing the device; to him it seemed like another smartphone he had to fly through to get his next paycheck. This is, of course, an impression, not a fact.

    You can bring the most commonly used symbols ( -, !, :, ?) just by pressing and holding the period...
  2. Please reviewer, tell me exactly why you need a dual core processor for this phone or any WP7 for that matter? You don't! WP7.5 runs amazingly smooth and fast on the first generation hardware let alone this hardware with a small processor upgrade.

    Seriously, who needs 1080p on their phone? It is nice to have but it is a fact that the vast majority of users upload content to Youtube, Facebook or other social networks where either the site does not support 1080p video OR content on the sites is never ever watched by users at that size.

    For some people iOS may be the best, but for many other WP7 (including myself) is far far more preferable. Going back to iOS on my gf is such a pain in so many ways.
  3. To guest. If you like the phone so much buy it. Oh, but no you have to see what Nokia is going to put out.

    That is the real story. It is not good enough for you to buy, but it is OK for you to blast someone's opinion.
  4. To the anonymous replier who is probably the article author, your argument makes no sense at all. I am simply waiting so that I can choose from all the options, it is perfectly reasonable to think that despite the Titan looking very good and having what, I believe, is the best OS on the market (for at least all but power users), Nokia may bring out something better.

    I cannot believe you would have advocated a few weeks ago that people looking for an iPhone 4 the day before the iPhone 4s announcement, go and immediately buy the iPhone 4 because they like it. Your argument is almost as poor as your journalism when it comes to writing the article.

    I have to admit to having skim read the review due to how poor I thought many parts where, but can anyone tell me if, and I suspect there wasn't, any mention of how vastly superior social networking is in WP7, a not insignificant feature given that almost everyone uses either Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Do you ever mention how much better the iPhone or Android phones would be should they have such a feature?

    For absolute certain there a huge number of users that, if they spent time with WP7, would find this sort of integration an enormous breath of fresh air compared to the archaic app design of iOS and Android.

    Seriously, I'm not even asking you to say WP7 is the best phone OS out there, just to not spread utter crap to users who may not be technical enough, or well informed enough to know how misleading you are being. You are not the only culprit, both techradar and CNET have done similarly poor reviews (why is lack of Flash a problem for WP7 but absolutely OK in iOS!!?)

    To clarify btw, I have had a HTC Mozart for the last year and would not think of changing the OS.
  5. I think this author does not do many reviews. When you keep telling people that something is very basic as he did throughout the small review, he never mentioned once what made these features and OS so basic compared to others. Zune player on phones has been rated by almost all reviewers to be as good as or second only to the Itunes, and definitely ahead of android. This was probably one of the most amateur reviews I have read yet.
  6. What he means by basic is that they are very easy to use, rather than the complex use-ability of the other smartphone OS on the market today, and I'm not talking about iOS. Apparently he has been drinking the nerd kool aid that more Ghz must mean faster!!
  7. It does have a turn by turn directions and will tell you the streets as to go, speech to text on the messaging, and you should have showed that you can post the pics automatically to skydrive or facebook. This review really misses the mark. Show netflix or zune on that puppy, that suff would rock on the large display.

    Dude, review really missed the mark.
  8. There was recently a review on a Windows Phone 7.5 by IBN Live that the windows phone lacked the ability to go to the camera under lock screen, unlike the iphone 4S does. Hmmm we all know who innovated the dedicated camera button to go to camera under lock screen. These so called pro's dont know jack. They live inside a box.
  9. Tomorrow_Rains

    Tomorrow_Rains TS Enthusiast Posts: 156

    Not interested. i have a wp7 now, as soon as the Samsung Note comes out I'm getting one.

    The only good thing in my opinion is microsoft office.
  10. Missed a HUGE feature in the voice activation and input in various places like messaging and search. Also when the screen is locked and idle, to message/text or make a phone call, you simply press and hold the Windows button and say your command. Then say the message and then say 'send'. It's hands free messaging....real handy when driving. It also anounces and can read your texts as they arrive and respond verbally if you choose. Another is the function in search that allows you to let the phone hear music that's playing, Bing then identifies the song/artist and will take you to the Marketplace to purchase if you like. As mentioned by another, turn by turn is also included. this OS lives up to it's promise, "get in/get out/get on with your life".
  11. Getting really sick and tired of Reviewers attempting to Put WP7 down as the hardware is only single core. Shows a real lack of technical understanding, or an inability to read why single core is all that is needed. Even the SOC maker ( Qualcom) have provided adequate information to explain this.

    Between This lot and engadget and most of Tech writers for news media, there seems to be this misconception that if its not dual core then its no good. In 95% of day to day use scenarios the WP7 phone is faster than the rest of the pack.

    I for one prefer WP7 for a tremendous number of reasons, and biggest one is simplicity in use and support, the Hubs are a fantastic idea as you dont need another app.. If you talk to any ISP support officer they all rave about the ease, the fact that WP7/7.5 is litterally plug and play.

    Secondly, they arent being hacked to hell, without the masses malware and tracking software that Android users have to be aware of every day

    Thirdly.. they all get updated, with Microsoft being heavily proactive in ensuring all Telco's and hardware vendors do their job properly to support and update to the latest.

    WP7/7.5 Rocks. It looks great, is fast, with the Apps, Handset sales growing faster in its first year than Android ever did.
  12. Wow, thanks for this post. I've had a Focus for a year and didn't know about holding down the period to quickly get to commonly used symbols. After reading this, I checked it on the phone dial pad for adding a phone contact and it works there too.

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