Hyundai shares first look at the much-awaited Ioniq 6 electric sedan


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"The Ioniq 6 shares the same E-GMP platform as the Ioniq 5 crossover, which is rated for up to 315 miles on a single charge"

Yet again another EV range indication without mentioning the carrying weight...!!!


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The same scenario applies to people who didn't bother or were unable to fill their gas tank before evacuating. I remind you the difference in range is roughly 35 additional miles (315m range of Ioniq vs 350m gas-powered econobox.)

Here's a scenario, a hurricane is approaching Florida, all citizens in Miami are ordered to leave and go inland as they will be in the landfall of the hurricane. They all get into their electric fully charged cars and told to go as far north as possible, Jacksonville is 340 miles approximately. They now have no battery, maybe even before, because the AC`s will be on and it will be stop start, a big battery drainer. So now they all want to charge in Jacksonville????
The hurricane is now reported to be moving north along the coast, whoops!
I think the picture is clear enough.
Until the infrastucture, grid, generators, charging points, is vastly improved, (a lot of dollars involved), electric cars are a nice to have pipe dream.
At least a gas car can be melted down at end of life and made into another new car, can you melt down batteries??
Pretty sure Jacksonville would run out of gas before electicity


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"The touchscreen is great when this car is [in] stationary condition, but when you're moving, touchscreens can be dangerous. So we always think about the right balance, user experience, and the buttons and the combination with the voice activation together."

Finally a manufacturer decided to make sense. I had seen so many EVs (Tesla, Kia, BMW, Merc, Audi likely be more) that overly relies on the touch screen for everything, following Tesla's lead as if EVs and digital screens are synonymous. I understand some of them has sophisticated climate control, but if you don't have the option to quickly de-fog the windscreen, is unnecessarily dangerous. The car's system shouldn't take eyes off the road. If anything, a few more buttons on the wheel is better, long as it doesn't affect airbags, as at least your hands are on the wheel.

I am surprised that this car is actually projected to be cheaper than the Ioniq 5 by the authors. Mainly it just reminds me of a sports car, but it would be nice to have cheaper EV cars that don't have garbage range, but I doubt this will be anywhere close to being cheap.

However, the Tesla has a quite good voice operated command set too. I can turn on the rear demister with a press of a button under my finger on the steering wheel and a voice command. Ditto my steering wheel heater. It's a long way from perfect - 'open sunroof', 'open sunroof 25%' and 'close sunroof' all do the same thing on mine, but there is hope for improvement in the future.

John J Miller

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Okay so they're both passenger vehicles, yeah. But there's more to a vehicle than it's range. How much does it cost to fill up your truck for your 350 miles? I'd bet it's a bit more than the 10 gallon Prius right? I think that's an important metric you're missing by favoring of overall range.
and you are also missing an important metric, sure they both are passengers. But how much cargo can this vehicle carry? The answer is none. Everybody seems to be focusing on cars what about pick ups? I see almost as many pick ups on the road as I do cars. But nobody seems to wanna do anything about bringing them online