I am running blind on company of heroes for PC HELP!

By Haaskev000 ยท 4 replies
Feb 28, 2007
  1. :mad: I had just purchased Company of Heroes in the past week and now I cant see any units or buildings that units as small as a sniper cant go in. HELP!:hotbounce
  2. TimeParadoX

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    Post your system specs please and also try and get a Screenshot of in-game and post it here, Once you do that then we can fully help you :)
  3. Haaskev000

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    um, yeah I have kindof got the problem solved but I will let all yall know how it goes alright I need Catalyst 6.5 and I have Catalyst 6.1! Although I will have to by a new video card or if you can tell me how to get the download without having to upgrade because ATI will not offer it for my card
    (ATI RADEON X9250 I think!) Other wise every thing is up to date and matches the minimum needs. But the card is 256 RAM and Minimum is 64 RAM.
  4. TimeParadoX

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    Ah, that videocard is very outdated, ATI has droped it on the support list and do not offer any more drivers for it, you could google the X9250 video / Display drivers

    If this doesnt help then you MIGHT have to upgrade to a current gen card, the 9800 is not very exspensive ( on Newegg it's like $70 )
  5. Haaskev000

    Haaskev000 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 49


    Will Any others work because I tried it on newegg.com but I couldn't find anything under $150.:evil:

    Or are you talking about GeForce models from NVida?

    Sorry about the spelling

    Hey if any other people have suggestions you are welcome to make one!
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