I can't really use my laptop now

By Alex Reed
Nov 22, 2016
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  1. So, today I started getting the problem I already have in my other laptop. Basically, the screen(not the whole system) turns off like screen saver and everything and it usually closes all of my windows. Sometimes it happens with time, but when I click on the taskbar it also happens. And I'm not able to use it. It's really slow, but not in general, it just takes like a million years to open a program(actually I think I have to make the screen restart, so I can open a program, but it happens again and again and I can't really do anything), and the screen stays black after the startup, like it's loading everything and that isnt normal cause it loads them from the beginning. Also, even if I have the wireless button(switch, in my case) on, I can't connect to any network, and it shows the icon like the switch is off. Recently I did a small cleanup, but not big enough to take off every single thing in the laptop, but I also installed and uninstalled Netcut, because I thought it was the problem, and well, when I uninstalled it, it showed me some files from Sys32, and that it would delete them, but they didn't seem important. I haven't uninstalled netcut on my other laptop, so it seems the problem could've been the installation of it. I just want to know if I can do this without having to do the whole process of installation of Windows? Or do I have to suffer for my ignorance? Also I have Windows 10, and a really old Toshiba. It's the Satellite L305 series.
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