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I don't really know how to describe this... image not updating?

By Jarn ยท 5 replies
Jul 10, 2006
  1. PC brand: eMachines T6216, some hardware upgrades
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+
    Motherboard: nForce 410
    Video card brand/model: EVGA Geforce 6800
    Amount of system memory: 1 gig
    Windows version: Home, SP2

    My problem is this: Sometimes a game I play, Guild Wars, will appear to "freeze", but, in fact, it is just not updating the picture. It has never happened to me with any other games, but it just seems to weird to be a Guild Wars problem, and noone else seems to have it. Alt-tabbing, ctrl+alt+del, everything, leaves me with the picture it was at. I know it's not frozen because I still hear sounds and I can still move. What I mean by saying I can move is this: If I click my mouse somewhere on my "frozen" picture, my character will move. How do I know when my image is "frozen"? I see it on my brother's screen, next to me. It responds and all, perfectly all right. I can hear sounds from battle, cinematics, and everything. But the picture does not change. I can even hear cinematics when frozen. I froze right next to where a cinematic would start, while a battle was going on. I HEARD the battle finish, then my brother talked to the person that starts the cinematic, and I HEARD the cinematic. The picture, however, did not change.

    Oh yeah, nothing is overclocked.
  2. Jarn

    Jarn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I think I found the problem... I downloaded RivaTuner and ran the Hardware monitor log. Next time the problem happened, after I rebooted, I checked the log. Right when it happened, the "Core VID" stopped showing anything. I looked on the internet and the "Core VID" is something with voltage... Now the solution, I know not. Do I need a new power supply? I AM running slightly below the minimum for the card right now, but my computer is hardly an energy hog, so I had assumed it would be alright. It has been for 3 months, until now.
  3. wolfram

    wolfram TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,967   +9

    Are you using the stock PSU?
    If so, you'll need to change it. Check your PSU brand and model please. Also, tell us how many amps it pumps on the +12V rail.
    That info is located on the sticker attached to the power supply.
  4. Jarn

    Jarn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It is, in fact, the stock PSU. I'm not exactly sure the wattage on it. I thought I remembered it being 250W when I opened it up, but a few websites say it is 300W... I suppose I'll go open it up now.

    EDIT: It is, in fact, 300W. However, the 12V line only has 15A, which, correct me if I'm wrong, is a little low... could that be my problem? But why would it only start after 3 months with no hardware changes?
  5. Mr47

    Mr47 TS Rookie Posts: 17

    The Core VID is the voltage on your GPU, on a 6800 i think it's around 1.4-1.5 V,
    so a weak PSU might be the problem.

    You can change the voltage with the program NiBiTor (Nvidia Bios Editor). So you can rase the VID for a coulpe (0,03-0,04) of volts. if you want to try it out i can post instructions of how to use it, because it's pretty hard to figure it out.
  6. Jarn

    Jarn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I bought a new PSU a last week. And, much to my dismay, it just happened again... I am 100% certain this PSU is powerful enough. It's watts are higher than the minimum for my graphics card and it has enough amps on the 12v rail, too.
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