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I fear about remote control

By Stanley000
Sep 7, 2016
  1. Friends, I am sorry if such questions already exist but I cant find an answer and I hope you can give me some help with that :)
    I had to live with a roommate last winter, with who we went in very bad relations, especially at the end. We knew each other from before so things got like personal. I left the place more than half an year ago, but all of a sudden a friend gave me the idea that my laptop could be used remotely.. I started to freak out becuase I keep very importan information and accounts on my machine (Dell inspiron), and not only mine but to some imoprtant people. If this guy could have remotely logged, he could have done a lot of trouble and the traces would be leading to my IP/machine. Even if its just paranoia, I am not very good with software and stuff(although do know a thing or two), here are a few questions and I will be happy if someone gets me some information..

    1.The laptop was always protected with password (I only have my admin account) Is there any possible way for a keylogger to be installed when I was gone whitout this guy being able to unlock it? Could he have plugged some tiny usb flash/some memory card or even disk that wont notice, so when I sing in the laptop it to isntall some spying stuff automaticly, or it will need ant permission to start installing. Because thats the only way I can imagine he could get his hands on.

    2. Mostly what I fear, if he had managed to access the laptop, can he remotely control the laptop, even after I moved miles away? I mean can he remotely boot it up from sleeping/hybernating state, since I usually just sing out and close it, I rarely shut it down. And can he do that many times, not just once or twcie, From what I read, it would take Wake On lans, magic packets and stuff wchich I fail to understand how it goes on, but from I understand it would be very hard from someone far away with no more physical access to neither my router or pc to make any changes. And all this to reamain undetected by for so long time - I ve never seen the laptop to boot on its own, no signs and antivirus programs never detect anythig. Could these programs survive update from windwos 8 to 8.1..s

    So thats basicly it, I know the logger and spy stuff could get easily, I mostly fear about remote control and remote booting, because he obviously cant do any mess when I am using the laptop. Beacuse if he messed something and did it remotely from miles away, all evidence will fall on me. Like lest assume he does something to a site, they will trace my ip not his, thats what I fear about. How possible such extensive, long period of time remote control is. He may had acces to the machine in past(if he got my password somehow), but from more than 6 months he has 0 physical access to the laptop. Hope you got the point and sorry for my messy english. THank you!
  2. Broni

    Broni Malware Annihilator Posts: 53,856   +370

    Welcome aboard [​IMG]

    Basically, in this forum we make sure your computer is clean of any infection.
    Keylogging, spying etc. is rather beyond scope of this forum.
    Professional keyloggers are very hard to detect and again not a subject of this forum.

    Do you have any proof that someone is actually using your laptop remotely?
    Do you know of any of your private information being compromised ?
    For instance, someone accessing your bank account or such?
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