I hate my life..

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Jan 8, 2008
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  1. AlbertLionheart

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    Relax. Keep your own council. Don't try too hard to make everyone your friend. The ones that will be worth knowing will not be hard to recognise. Love slowly only those who deserve it.
  2. wb9srm

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    Hi! The truth is at some point in our lives we are all you. We don't fit in, aren't happy, you think your family is on another planet because they are all wrapped up in themselves. The truth is you are responsible for you, you heal from the inside out. You have to like you. Understanding you have a problem is a good start. Try to find someone you can talk to. Counseling is great, church is great, but always chose friends wisely. If you are a follower be careful who you chose to follow. There are lots of confused folks out there. My dad always told me, if you want to learn something fnd someone who is a lot smarter than you. That is what life is, a journey a learning experience, computers are great if you learn from them and don't let them and games control you life. IT all starts with you!
  3. Nick Lee

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    I know how you feel

    Lead it'll be alright, I know exactly how you feel. Except for the bully'ing part. I was depressed about my parents divorce and I even starved because of having very little money.

    You need to look for way outs and what could be your own little world.
    Like what helped me was that I just liked music and then became interested in learning how to play a guitar after playing guitar hero. I use music as a type of therapy. Like if i'm mad or sad I'll watch someone play a guitar solo and think about all the notes he's playing at fast speeds.

    Another thing which really helps (why therapists are so useful [I didn't have one]) is to have a friend to vent on. Someone just to listen to your problems will actually make you feel better (fortunately for me my best friend was going to major crisis too so we slowly helped each other)

    One other thing helped me was that well.... I've been addicted to looking at porn since I was ... 8 i think so every now and then it would cheer me up. lol ^_^

    I guess this is why only cloudy and rainy days make me happy.

    as for the girls thing, no sweat. There is a girl probably who likes you but is too shy to admit to it. Thats how it was with me, except I met her a year ago and we were talking about our parents divorces.

    so whatever works for you.
  4. captaincranky

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    It Rains Here Sometimes Too.....

    If We're going to keep resurrecting this thread we should probably start a "Group Therapy" heading in "Meeting Spot" and find someone who's actually qualified to steer it.
    It seems everybody's confused and depressed. I think it's from burning yourself out playing video games. Then when the fatigue sets in from adrenal exhaustion, life doesn't have the same pizazz. This especially to a teenage boy when he find out he's not a tough in the real world as he is in COD. Life does stink when you're forced to confront reality. It's sort of like pulling your head out of your a**, then realizing you've stumbled into a cesspool.

    But then, what do I know.
    Video gaming does cause a plethora of "interesting" psychological side effects.
    My somewhat trite encapsulation of these phenomena is this; "life sucks, and then you have to put down your mouse".
  5. In my case I'm not sure if I was addicted to games or not. I do know that by the time I was in my mid twenties, the appeal for games diminished somewhat. I got to the stage where I started to realise how formulaic and cliched most games were. I think this is the same with most interests or hobbies, in most cases it will eventually burn itself out.

    Also, while I agree with the others here, don't be too hasty to classify yourself as "depressed". It's so easy to find a label for one's self and then say "oh it's ok I'm depressed, it's ok that I'm like this, and there's nothing I can do about it".

    I may be wrong but I think you're just going through a "difficult adolescence" and that in time you'll get over this and look back on this period and wonder what it was that you were stressing over.

    As I said in my previous post, don't let anyone step on you, or disrespect you, but at the same time learn to ignore the comments of those that don't matter to you. You may feel hurt inside but don't let your enemies see this. When dealing with the vulgar, base and immoral don't give them the satisfaction of seeing you hurt.

    Also try not to be too judgemental. Some of your posts allude to the physical appearances of others, don't be superficial. None of us are perfect after all.

    Bitterness, resentment, envy, hatred and revenge never helped anyone and they won't help you either.

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