i just thought of a great idea

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Apr 26, 2005
  1. Hey,
    I just thought of a pretty good idea. The idea is to make a folder that reacts
    simularly like a drop down menu works. How much desktop space could you save if all your important icons that you usually leave on your desktop could drop down from a menu once you hover your mouse over a "drawer-like" icon?
    You could also have many "drawer-like" icons and they all react like mini-drawers that sort of roll out of the main icon like a drop down menu.
    Just an idea....if anyone knows of silular software already feel free to let me know.
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    well you can always create a new toolbar by right clicking on the taskbar and choosing toolbar>> new toolbar. there you can create a new folder on your c: drive and put any shortcuts in there that you want. once that is done you might unlock your taskbar and move that toolbar anywhere you want, you can also make it always on top. this is a great feature, i use it in many occasions on all my pc's.
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    There are programs out there that can do that. I personally use one called Object Dock:

    This particular desktop "dock" doesn't do dropdown menus. I used to use another that did but this one is much prettier, has transparency, size options, auto-hide etc... I like it.
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    Ok. Thanks for your help. I didn't really wanna spend any money so i think i''' try the toolbar idea. Thanks.
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