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I keep getting this error message (bad pool caller)

By excessumcarcer
Feb 18, 2007
  1. Ok, I am somewhat good at computers, definitely better then alot of people. But this has confused me to the point I have no idea what to do. After trying everything I knew, I contacted Sony, cause thats who made this computer, and after telling them I already did everything that they told me, (I did it before asking them what to do), they said that I need to take it into a shop...which of course is out of the question cause I will fix it. I tried contacting Microsoft, but theres too much crap to go through. Singing up for stuff, contract page things, so I never got through to them. I typed in the exact code I had, and they didn't have it in the archives, and no one on the internet had it.

    Originally I thought it was an intense virus/worm or something that got into my computer. I went to the wrong site someone told me about, and I was massivly attacked, but all the programs I have caught everything. And I know how to protect against stuff like that, so I was surprised when things went weird. But, I still thought it was something like that, so I downloaded about 5 other programs, legitimate and not rogue, and they found nothing. IN fact, I ran Spyware doctor, it took 20 minutes to start, and I have a fast computer. Then, Spysweeper froze, and made the system hang. At random times, until recently, my computer would go to 100% resources, which made everything basically freeze. After 30 minutes of waiting, and trying to shut down, trying to use task manager, I just shut it down. So far, after I did a few things, that hasn't been a reoccurring thing. I think it was a program, but im not sure.

    So, before that happened, after, and until now, I have had this reoccurring problem that no one can answer, well, the so called pros can't answer it. Which is why Im here, for people help. Here is the code I get.

    STOP: 0x000000C2 (oxooooooo7, 0x00000CD4, 0x2060001, 0x87BD3918)

    I know its a bad_pool_caller, thats a given. But, I can't figure out whats causing it. I tried all the suggested things, I tried narrowing it down, but I can't figure out why. I reinstalled Windows 4 days ago, cause everything I tried didn't work. (It got really bad after I installed all the updates prior to reinstall, so I thought it might be Microsoft, but, after a fresh install, I was still having the same problems.) I installed all my programs I have been running for a long time, most over a year. I installed all of Sony's Updates, Microsoft's updates, and all the updates to my other programs. I downloaded some other programs that search for certain worms that can survive a format, which I didn't find. In the end, I found nothing virus/spyware/worm/etc related that would create the problems I am having.

    The last hardware I installed was 3 months ago, which was a DVD burner, and it runs fine. I have also installed 2x 512mb ram about a year ago, 2 harddrives, a couple PCI cards, Ethernet card, and a new graphics card. Basically the computer I have now is not stock. Its a PCV-RS420 Sony Vaio for reference. Why I add it is because it has a couple weird problems, like it can't run Nero, A video editing program I bought, and some Microsoft updates create big problems, so Sony has updates to counter Microsoft, its annoying to say the least.

    Oh, the only times I have seen it shutdown to the STOP screen is when I am doing a Bit scan with Zonealarm, I tried 4 times and each time about 5 hours into it, it shuts down, also when I play Media Player 11, it likes to restart, about 3 times now. Yeah, Im out of ideas and solutions.

    Thanks for any help.
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