i need 8x AGP card

By jpaddie04
Jan 6, 2006
  1. :confused: i need a 8x AGP card, preferably with 256 RAM. cost is not a problem here. i would like it to be one of the following if possible:
    ATI Radeon 8500/9100/9200/9250/9500/9550/9600/9700/9800/X300/X600/X700/X800/X850

    nVidia GeForce 6200/6600/6800/FX5200/FX5500/FX5600/FX5700/FX5800/FX5900/FX5950/PCX5300/PCX5900/Ti4200/Ti4600/Ti4800

    THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Vaerilis

    Vaerilis TS Rookie Posts: 54

    What kind of card are you looking for?

    If you're looking for the best available AGP card, then get an ATI X800XT or a GF 6800GS.
  3. LipsOfVenom

    LipsOfVenom TS Rookie Posts: 160

    the 6800GS is really good..and i never knew it was available on AGP until i saw the link!!! u learn sumthing new everyday heheh...well yah....350/1000 at 256 bits!!! thats killer for AGP.
  4. Mtyson8

    Mtyson8 TS Rookie

    Go with a ATI Radeon x850 Pro 256mb GDDR3.
    Its better priced than Nvidias 6800s, and requires less power.
    You can get one on ebay for around $215.00.
    Core clock: 500mhz
    Memory Clock: 1000Mhz

    Also, for a little more, ATI Radeon x850 XT 256mb GDDR3.
    Will cost about $290.00 on ebay.
    Core clock: 520mhz
    Memory Clock: 1080Mhz
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