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May 3, 2005
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  1. I need to give a 15 minute presentation in front of the class about computers and stuff? I'm terrified as I don't know how I can talk for that long. I need advice on how to present. I have no experience. I can't talk too much in detail coz that will bore the audience but then again I do need to kill 15 minutes.

    I'll be using powerpoint to help with the visuals. Is joking appropriate since it is an informal audience. Should I encourage my audience to ask questions or should I just do a straight talk?
  2. isatippy

    isatippy TS Rookie Posts: 497

    I would talk for like 10min and have questions for 5min or something like that.
  3. AtK SpAdE

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    You can do it

    If i were you i would just go over the basic parts on the computer. i.e. HD, CPU RAM, Motherboard, just the basics Relating them to something else, like the human body, or a car, might help the audience understand better.

    Just use google image search, it has pics of the basic parts. Good Luck


    BTW- If you have any old nonworking machines around, taking in some RAM and a Hard Drive and passing them around might help drive the point.
  4. SNGX1275

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    Or if you have any working RAM or Hard Drives you can take them in and pass them around, then next time you have to do this you'll have non working ram and hds to pass around :suspiciou :giddy:
  5. Finchy

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    try foraging in the local skip, theres usually a couple of abandoned PC's, im thinking of salvaging PC's, removing the working parts, and building new PC's from them.

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