I need software to make my bluetooth usb work

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i have a usb bluetooth but it doesnt work because i don't have the software for it i looked everywhere for it on the internet and couldn't find one for my type of bluetooth.

its a blue tooth usb class 1.

i don't know if these might help but it says it on the back of the usb :

thank you very much



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Does this blue tooth have a name and model? Is it a phone device or headphones, or something else? The part number you give doesn't have any results when googled. Are you sure you posted the correct one. You can get more help if you are more specific in your posts. Julio made us stop using crystal balls to answer posts. <g>


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hello again haidar!

I see you're back with another question. And we can try to help you again. But before going any further with new questions you should first update your TechSpot profile to show your compuer system spec's. That way, whenever you have a new question your system information is also immediately available. So there's no need to have keep repeating and asking for it.

1. Use the Everest tool as you did [post=686458]back in this other post.[/post] Then look at what Everest tells when you expand Computer then Summary.

2. Now edit you TechSpot profile. Look towards the top left of your TechSpot window and you'll see My Profile (edit). But before clicking on it note: You must click onthe word (edit) in order to go to the screen which allows you to edit your profile.

3. Once you do the above correctly, you see TechSpot's user control panel. Look along the left side of the screen and click on Edit System Specs and start filling this info in as best you can using the system information you get back Everest.

Once that's done we can get back to identifying your bluetooth usb device either by looking for a model number and if none... i can explain what to do find out what is needed.
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