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I overclocked my i7, but getting poor results. Advice? (Solved)

By Mugsy
Mar 17, 2016
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  1. I'm running a watercooled i7 4770k with 16gb of DD3-2133 memory.

    The stock speed of this CPU is 3.5GHz. In BIOS, I'm able to increase the clock multiplier to 43x (100MHz FSB) and remain stable. No overheating. No problems. All other settings are set to "Auto".

    While apps like CPU-Z/CPU-ID report my speed as 4.3GHz, cpu benchmarks like "Cinebench" show my effective speed is closer to 3.95GHz. :(

    Clearly, using the "Auto" settings just ain't doing it, but I don't know what settings are safe to tweak to boost my speed without damaging my CPU or memory.

    Any advice is appreciated.

    PS: My watercooler is on the low end. It wasn't designed for the 4770, but I make up for it by using 2 fans in push/pull. Works well. CPU temp reads 35', but individual core temps read around 51' and hit 89' when benchmarking.:eek:
  2. Mugsy

    Mugsy TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 401   +18

    Okay, I fixed it (follow-up for future reference.)

    I forgot to set my "Overclock Memory Profile" so it matched my CPU overclock speed (on Gigabyte, for me, this was "Profile #2").

    There was also a "Performance Boost" setting. The options were "Auto" or multiples of 20% up to 100%. "20%" was plenty to get me to a full 4.3GHz.

    (Don't use the "4.xGHz CPU Emulation" option.)

    Took my Cinebench score from 8.07 to 9.07 (stock score of 6.99). Hope this helps others.

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