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Try using Process Explorer. You'll find it provides much more extensive info about each process (including Description and Company columns). You can click any column header to alpha sort. Note that clicking the Process header switches between alpha sort versus displaying process in parent/child relationships.

You can right click a process, select Search Online to easily google the process name to learn more about it.

Somethings might be simply uninstalled (like your Motorola stuff), other things can be turned off (ctfmon.exe and WindowsSearch), or you can also control startups using the startup tool in CCleaner (Run ccleaner, click Tools->Startup) I like using Autoruns best to control startups but may be a bit more intimidating to use at first.

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p.s. Windows indexing is a nuisance - so a good reason to turn off WindowsSearch. plus fyi.. I like to use SearchMyFiles anyway. I find much easier to use then using Windows search.


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What do you mean by 'Alpha Sort' and 'parent/child relationships'?

I guess Process Explorer and Autoruns are both official Microsoft items?

What is 'Windows desktop search/indexing' for anyway - what does it do?

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I have attached some screenshots of the start up programs from 'ccleaner'. I guess Kaspersky is the main one to keep. I'm not sure which ones to stop.



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What do you mean by 'Alpha Sort' and 'parent/child relationships'?
AlphaSort= Alphabetically sorted
Parent/Child= One process may start another process. The "parent" process starts the "child" process. You can see this relationship in Process Explorer
I guess Process Explorer and Autoruns are both official Microsoft items?
The Sysinternals tools were originally written by some Windows gurus. They were so useful - and so widely used - Microsoft bought them and their toolset a couple years ago. So they've become official MS tools

As for your other questions, you're going to have to start doing your own homework ;). If you use process explorer to right click->Search online you'll learn about each process and can decide if you really need them. (Sometimes it's a personal decision)

I offered ctfmon and WindowsSearch as freebies :) (You will want to turn these off). Google WindowsSearch and you'll learn about Windows Indexing.

You can decide if you want all the "auto-update checking" tasks.. You just need to remember to check for updates yourself periodically if you turn any off.

Frankly, I don't know what alot of those entries are myself so can't simply say what you want or don't want. You should google and learn what they are.
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