I will send you a whole dollar over paypall if you help fix it w/out reinstaling XP

Nov 5, 2005
  1. Help please, can’t open: task manager, regedit ect.. System functions normally and Norton anti virus 03 doesn’t detect a virus and there is no spy were detected by my spy ware scan (Bullet proof software). After letting my daughter use my comp. I found a file on my desktop under the name amber.exe and when I opened it just disappeared. I then chose to open my task manager to see if it executed some program or command but the task manager closed. I then proceeded to check the registry but it would not open it opens for a split second and then closes again. The task manager opens in safe and diagnostic mode. I tried to close every program via MSCONFIG and I’m not sure which process is responsible. please help!
  2. A_DOG73

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    Try doing a system restore to before your daughter used the computer.

    All Programs
    System Tools
    System Restore
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    You definately have some malware on your computer. I'd suggest reading this thread and following the directions exactly.

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    have u updated your antivirus definitions? try a rescan after updating it. also, try using spybot s&d for removing any spywares.
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