IBM will stop hiring for jobs that could be performed by an AI


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We were always a leading country in thew most advanced tech. I dont think giving it up or severely restricting will do us good.
Beside, if AI can speed up medicine research, imagine how many dying people will be gifted life , or better yet full recovery.
No. The solution is that those who get very rich with this cant take their money away to some shady island in a shady bank. Those people above all live of the best civilization gives. They will want to keep using the gifts of civilization, so they have pay a fair tax.
I suppose, in a society where most people don't have jobs, it will be between 80-90% tax.

Say I'm the guy making call it 1 million a year but I only get to keep 100k and everyone around me gets a living wage of 60k. Where is the motivation for me to continue to work and more importantly innovate? Even worse what about the people that earn 600k and get to keep 60k meanwhile everyone else gets the 60k for doing nothing. If we were to implement this EVERYONE no matter their income should receive the same amount. Whether you make 60 billion or $1 you should receive the 60k. The bigger problem your going to have with this strategy is why have a business to run in a place with 90% tax rate when their is several places in the world that has very little taxes or in some cases none at all. You'll have a mass exodus from these companies ultimately lowering the services available to the populous. Honestly, there is no good answers. Companies need to realize that their profits can't/shouldn't be prioritized over their workforce. The problem is historically in a competitive environment this consideration has never been made. Maybe the solution is to require companies to employ a certain number of workers based on their total net profits IF they currently use any form of AI in their distribution chain. This would make the company both more effective in automating the useless tasks and retain the majority of their workforce to work on innovation and other type roles to propel the company forward at a quicker rate.
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