ICS issues in xp

By tchiseen
Dec 14, 2006
  1. aaaaalright, im having some serious problems. I want to set up ICS to be able to use my bluetooth ppc to get online. i'm following some advice i've found online

    bt tutorial

    for the bluetooth
    and im also following advice given to set up ICS - but it's not working.

    im getting stuck here


    the red box, isnt there. its just not there. i've got ICS enabled in windows components.

    my network setup is
    internet -> SMCWBRA7904 -> wired into onboard LAN

    im trying to share the LAN connection that i use to get online, as per the instructions, but the option just isnt there. why is this?

    also im having problems connecting my bluetooth dongle. its a MSI usb dongle. its pretty simple and i've installed the drivers properly.

    the 'my bt places' isnt in my computer, its on my desktop, and when i go into it, it doesnt look like the one in the tutorial either. its completely empty and on the left there's the wizard, view my bt services, view devices in range and view or modify configuration, and only the config link works. it opens the standard bluetooth configuration window with 6 tabs. i can go to local services, open network access, but when i click on 'config network adapter' it doesnt do anything. same tab, config conn sharing just opens network connections.

    my computer's ip is and the router is, possibly this is the problem? its auto assigning ips... is that the problem?

    im looking for ideas why my ICS isnt showing up. if i can get it to work with my simple network, that'd be great.

    cheers guys
  2. Rick

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    I might ramble a bit (as I often do), but hopefully this will help you somewhat....

    What I see here is you have a LAN already established with a broadband setup, a modem, a router and a PC. We'll consider this a whole, seperate network.

    You want to get online with your PPC, but it only has a Bluetooth interface.

    So what you are doing is attempting to connect your PPC through your desktop using ICS... This would put your PPC and PC on their own network and ICS would route network traffic to your main network (Modem, router, PC). Okay, this makes sense and it should work but I've never set up ICS between a BT device and a PC...

    For ICS to work, your PC should have two IP addresses and your PPC will have one IP address. For your PC, your 'host adapter' will always have an IP of and your 'client adapter' IP will be assigned automatically by your router (Which also appears to be 192.168.0.xxx). The host adapter is the connection between your PC and your PPC, which in this case is your Bluetooth link. The client adapter will be whatever network interface is plugged into your router.

    The problem is that enabling ICS doesn't enable any sort of DHCP server, so you will have to assign an IP address on your PPC manually because it is not automatic. The reason it is not automatic is you have two seperate networks - The first LAN where the router acts as a DHCP server (automatic IPs) and the second LAN which is just your computer and your PPC with no DHCP server.

    Again, the idea is that your second network (computer and PPC) is connected to your first network (modem, router, computer) and that traffic is routed via ICS from/to the second network from/to the first network from/to the Internet.

    You'll need to get this fixed somehow because you will have to specify your PPC's network information manually. The configuration info should be 192.168.0.xxx (IP, xxx can be anything between 2-254), (subnet), (gateway).

    I hope this helps in some way or at least gets you thinking about other possibilities. :)
  3. tchiseen

    tchiseen TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 45

    thanks. still havnt fixed this.
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