IE 7 won't open

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May 28, 2007
  1. I normally use Firefox, but sometimes have to use IE. When I start IE, it tries to open but is replaced by a firefox download box that says:

    Do you want to save this file?
    Name: google.htm
    Type: Firefox document

    I uninstalled Firefox, but IE still gave same message. Used a backup to get Firefox back. Still can't open IE.

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    Download it, and install it.
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    IE 7 has aproblem

    Probably not a good idea to down load the file. Further research on another site says that this is a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 7, which can be exploited by malicious people to conduct phishing attacks. Downloading file and refreshing browser takes you to spoofed Google site. There appears to be no current patch. Please advise if I should post the site where I got this info. I still can't open IE7 with out getting request to download either google.htm or navcancl.
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    After much research on internet, I see that others are having this problem and MS even has support document KB937409. IE 7 now opens correctly when I need it. I had to restore the "Temporary Internet Files" folder.
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    How do I restore the temporary internet files folder? My local settings folder isn't even showing up, but I can browse it for some reason.

    EDIT: Local settings is hidden, so I found that, but IE doesn't seem to be working. And Microsoft's workaround didn't work, found here. I tried method one, but no success. Method 2 doesn't work because there is no security tab.
  7. Sideliner2

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    check this


    Here's where I found the security tab. I was looking at the wrong folder.
    In Method 2 step 3 the Temporary Files Folder opens. Step 4 says to move to folder containing "Temporary Internet Files". Be sure to "move" to the location shown in address bar of folder that shows all your temp files. Mine was "C:\Documents and Setting\my name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files". Then right click and you should see security tab. Hope this helps.
  8. fuzzyevil

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    Yay, it worked!! Thank you.
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