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im building a comp

By smanrocks
Oct 24, 2004
  1. Hey every1 im building a computer this christmas :hotbounce whipee
    i was wondering, if u guys here at techspot could help me pic out a good gamimg computer, that word processes, and surfs the internet with ease as well, im looking at a price tag of under $1000 if i must no more then $1200, since its christmas im still paying for some :grinthumb some beign the key word. if you guys could gimme some ideas and what vid/sound cards, mother boards, a nice screen (flat preforably) keyboard mouse combo lol, 512 mb 1gig if im lucky. and if u guys have custom pc's if u could list what u have and its total cost that would be great.

    by the way, i have an nvidia fx5200 w/ 128mb and right now im getting 10-15 fps in Counter-strike because a fatal error happened and kmixer.sys and naveng.sys accessed something they shouldnt have, and i tried reinstalling drivers, changing some of my console stuff and to no prevail, i even system restored. if you could let me know what i could do to try and get my fps back up again that would be great
    thx again

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  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    You already have some parts it sounds like (video card). Do you have any other parts?

    The problem I see so far, is that you are also trying to get a monitor within that price. Especially if you are wanting one for gaming, you are going to want AT LEAST a 17" screen, and if you go flatscreen, well... there goes a big chunk of your money. You may want to consider a CRT 17 or better yet 19", as they are much cheaper.

    The FX5200. Hmmmm. My opinion (others may have something else to say), is that the 5200 is pretty much out of date now. It may be upgrade time, as that card just doesn't cut it for today's games. With the new cards that just came out X800XT ect, the "older" cards have come down nicely for price. You can get a 9800pro at a decent price these days, and it is a great budget gaming card.

    Other suggestions:

    -Get a motherboard that has the sound built in, and use that extra money to spend elsewere.
    -If you are going to go for 512Mb memory to save costs, get ONE stick of 512Mb for now, with plans to get another stick in the future. Don't get two sticks of 256mb.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. why did you put this in the "cooling and modding" section?
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