Image Resize for Vista x64

By lopdog · 4 replies
Mar 1, 2008
  1. I´m looking for a tool similar to the XP power tool ImageResize, but compatible with Vista x64. Does anyone know any program with similar functionality?
  2. Rick

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    InfranView is a possible, free solution.

    Because everything has to be done within InfranView, it isn't as elegant as the ImageResize function included with PowerToys (right click in explorer). It does do batch resizing (and a WHOLE lot of other stuff) very well, though.

    The InfranView interface has a lot of options... maybe too many... But in just several clicks you can resize as many pictures as you'd like all at once, which is what I find most useful using ImageResize.
  3. lopdog

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  4. Zheez

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    It's still not as simple and elegant as the Image Resizer PowerToy, but VSO Image Resizer is almost there. It will give you an option on a right-click in Explorer and it works very well - been using it for months now with Vista x64 so give it a try. It's also a free app which is nice.

    Unfortunately because I'm a new member I can't post a direct link but if you Google for "vso image resizer" you'll find it straight away.

    Edited to add a link: --Rick

  5. emre2008

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    Works with Vista x64. Nice software. Thanks ;)
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