In Direct3d Apps Screen Goes All White

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Mar 27, 2005
  1. hey evryone. i have a geforce fx 5200. earlier today i installed the omega 61.77 drivers, and i when i went to overclock it i used 3d performance setting, and detected optimal frequency. it detected a frequency way too high for the card (313/470) but i thought maybe it was because of the driver, so i went and started medal of honor pacific assault. then after the initial startup screen, everything is white. the whole screen. i can hear the sound fine, everything seems to be working fine, except no color. i can even see the cursor against the black background at the very bottom of the screen. so i went and turned off overclocking. same problem still there. so i rolled back to my 66.93 drivers, same problem. then i tried installing 71.90 drivers, and it is still happening. i believe it is a direct3d problem, because i ran dxdiagnostics and did a direct3d test and i could see the spinning box, but not the dx logo on the sides. just the utter whiteness. this happens in all my direct3d games, such as joint operations, mohpa, etc. did i fry the card, or am i missing something?? need any more info than is on my profile and i will post it.
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    lol o well stupid me :( i reinstalled directx 9.0c from microsoft's site and now direct3d and direct draw work fine!

    i wonder how my directx files got corrupted though....any ideas?
  3. bushwhacker

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    Go back and uninstall your nVIDIA video card driver and install THIS nVIDIA FORCEWARE v56.72! Same goes to Microsoft DirectX 9.0b!


    P.S. you better off the overclocking but try this setting if your frequency is too high...
    I does mine same frequency on FORSA GeForce FX 5200,

    Core Clock = <Stock-250mhz> OC'ED-305mhz
    Memory Clock = <Stock-400mhz> OC'ED-450mhz
    It works fine for me and TURN THAT Antialiasing Setting and Astrophic Filtering OFF! :)
  4. bellse1972

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    Screen goes white while gaming

    So I just bought this top of the line Sony laptop and am having the exact same issue. When I play a 3d game, the screen goes white. It happens at variable times. It didn't happen at all the first several weeks, even after hours of play.
    Then, all of the sudden, it started happening. No warning, I'm playing a game and it goes white- I can still hear the sound. Anyone have resolution on this issue? This machine far exceeds minimum reqs on the games and it happens in all 3d games.
  5. bellse1972

    bellse1972 TS Rookie

    Screen goes white while gaming

    By the way, I have ATI Mobility Radeon X600 card (128 MB RAM)-1 gig of DDR2 RAM installed on this new Sony machine- is the Direct3D a separate driver that I could download from Microsoft for a laptop? I heard from ATI that I have to wait for Sony to update a driver.

    I called Sony and they aren't helpful- they think it may be a "known issue" but I am not sure. I almost want to take this machine back as I bought it for gaming, but its been 2 months.
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