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By elbtax
Dec 20, 2006
  1. I have a evision Megapro which was given to me for Xmas 3 yrs ago. I had problems with it until i read the manual completely thru. Works fine now and takes good pics. Works great in Winme, 98, and 98se. I tried to install it in WinXP Pro sp2. The device manager installs the driver and lists it under imaging devices. The camera & scanner wizard will not start so i can download the pics. Tried to start c&s wizard manually. No can do. Says no scanner or camera attached. (By the way. Installed my Mustek scanner and works fine and shows up in control panel under scanners and cameras. Only thing in there. Tried to install camera software with add device. Said it can't find setup.exe file. Installed software by putting in cd and letting it autorun. Loads fine. Try to download pics and system reboots. Does not recognize in control panel under s&c. I am currently useing a 98se system to download the pics of my new granddaughter. Would like to be able to use the camera on my new computer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Nodsu

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    You could try looking for newer software online instead of using the stuff on the CD..

    Also, your camera uses Compact Flash memory cards - the simplest solution could be to get a CF card reader. That is unless your camera uses some proprietary method for storing images on the card..
  3. elbtax

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    Thanks for the reply. Tried to update software. Was bought thru AOL and they do not support the camera anymore. Go figure. I do have a 16mb mem card so the CF reader is an option. I am finding out XP Pro is not all it is cracked up to be. Too many "automatic" options for hardware, etc..
    Thanks again for advice..
  4. halo71

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    Now that is not suprising a bit!!!

    You just had a bad experience this time. I have a few Kodak digital camera's that I connect to my XP box and it has no problems seeing the camera and viewing the pictures. 2000 box, I had to install the camera software on it before it see's the camera at all! XP is a far superior OS than 2000 IMO.
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