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Installing Intel Pro 3945ABG Wireless card to Asus X51H laptop

By uzbuk ยท 6 replies
Aug 11, 2011
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  1. My Asus X51H did not come with a wireless card. So, I bought the Intel Pro 3945ABG and installed it. attached is a picture of my card

    i have attached the antenna properly. the intel wireless manager can not switch it on and gives the error message (Attachment)

    the wireless Fn-F2 does not turn it on and the wireless LED does not light.
    this machine does nto have any other external switch for wireless.

    i feel thsi is an issue that can be solved by covering one or more pins with a tape as in the case of the following thread:
    however, my wireless card has different pin configuration as you can clearly see in the picture. does anyone have any idea which pin to cover with tape?

    thanks for the help in advance.

    ###I have attached the photo of my wireless card and the error message screenshot.

    Attached Files:

  2. uzbuk

    uzbuk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    problem solved

    my vendor tipped me about the pin to cover with tape. its pin 20.
    i covered the pin 20 with scotch tape and put it back into the slot.
    the card is working fine.

    in case you can't find the pin 20, here is a diagram. the second pin from the notch at the bottom side of the card is pin20
    you have to be careful not to cut the board while cutting the tape. covering the pin20 only is a tricky thing. it took to half an hour.
    i have attached a pictorial description of the pins.

    Attached Files:

  3. jotbe83

    jotbe83 TS Rookie

    ttl 253

    any idea why after i tape pin 20 ping to websites is on 255 ms level and im not able to open 90 % of websites?
  4. uzbuk

    uzbuk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    access to websites has nothing to do with pin covering. every card has different pin for the switching.if it is the same 3945ABG card, i find no reason for problem. check your card type and search for appropriate pin for taping.
  5. jotbe83

    jotbe83 TS Rookie


    i have the same card but card above is mark as MOW1 my card is MOW2. and as well card start working after i tape pin 20 - connection with my network is excellent only one thing im not able to open websites or i have to wait a lot of time - when i plug lan cable evrything works perfect. i was try as well connect to the diffrent router in diffrent network and there was the same situation.
  6. uzbuk

    uzbuk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    did you by any chance forget to attach the two antenna cables to the card? every laptop comes with at least two antenna cables. if there's none, you have to buy and install those.
  7. jotbe83

    jotbe83 TS Rookie

    cables are allright, i try even connect them in other way black white / white black. signal is excellent between router and laptop:) i will try some more option if i resolve my problem i will post solution.

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