Installing OS after Hard Drive Format

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Nov 16, 2004
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    Ok so here is what me and my dad just tried.

    Remember here is how things are setup.

    Maxtor Hard Drive. Partitions deleted and Hard Drive Formated and 1 Primary Partion was made "Active"

    OEM CDROM Drive in computer.
    Phillips CDROM/Writer in Computer

    No Operating System installed. Only can boot to c: prompt with startup disc.

    Ok when I boot up my computer , Put my Windows disc in my OEM drive, goto setup , start setup, the setup begins. Apparently this CDROM drive is faulty. It spins up and stops, spins up and stops. This apparently in turn causes the setup to not install files correctly and errors develope and it pops up and tells you so and ask if you want to continue with the file with error left out or if you want to abort. Each time different files will have errors.

    There is 1 ribbon cable with 1 connector on each end connected to the hard drive and mother borad.

    There is 1 ribbon cable , 1 connector connected on one end to the Mother board, 2 connectors on the other end of the cable with one being on very end and another a couple inches in. The end connector is connected to my Phillips CD/RW drive and the middle connector is connected to the OEM Drive.

    Ok, when you cut this computer on it recognizes the OEM drive while booting and says (DRIVE NAME) Installed. and continues to boot to a:

    I have the Phillips Drive set as the Master and the OEM set as slave.

    When it boots up the oem is recognized and phillips is not.

    Now here is the freaky part to me.

    I removed the oem drive. Only had the phillips in. When I boooted up it said cdrom not installed.

    I removed another drive from another computer and put it in, same thing.

    But I can put the oem drive back in and it immediatley finds it and you can put a disc in and it will go. Except it just wont spin up.

    I may be ignorant when it comes to this ms dos stuff, but I know there has to be a way to put either one of my cd roms in or buy another inexpensive on and make this computer find it, recognize it so I can install my Win XP.

    Now when I go into setup by hitting f1 when booting listed below are the options my computer gives me. I just want you to know everything I can tell you about this computer so maybe you can help me get a working cdrom in it so I can complete my task.

    Floppy Disc Options
    Primary IDE Master(If you choose either of these it givesyou this option)
    Primare IDE Slave (IDE DEVICE CONFIG>Auto Config or Disable)

    Secondary IDE Master (If you choose either of these it givesyou this option)
    Secondary IDE Slave (IDE DEVICE CONFIG > Auto Config or Disable)


    Boot Option

    Video Mode

    Advanced Tab

    Periphial Config

    Advanced Chipset

    Power Management

    Plug and Play

    So thats it. I am just confused as heck. I have put the OEM and Phillips in. I have made the phillips the master, the oem the slave and vice versa. I have unplugged the OEM completely , hooked up the phillips and it says cdrom not installed. This computer is hung up on finding the OEM DRive, its information"Drivers or something" are in the computer and either it needs to be changed or something. I really dont know. I do know that a basic CDROM should be able to be installed. Now if I had my OS up and running I know the plug and play would work fine. That is how the phillips went in the first time. But as far as putting a cdrom in without a Operating System, I dont know.

    I hope and pray this information will help you guide me to a successful ending.

    Thank you LL and anyone else that can give me any info or pointers!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jimmy Overcast
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    O.K. Jimmy We should proceed one step at a time.
    In your answer above #26 Your want that Bios setup screen set to Auto Configure for both Primary and secoundary.
    If the screen does not recognize the Phillips Cd rom Leave it out of the machine for now.
    Understand cdroms do not spin constantly,they spin up and down depending upon how much data they must transfer(This is normal behaviour)
    Next ;
    Hook up the HDD as discussed in my answer #24
    It is critical that you get your OS installed and operating (We can fix the CDrw after.)
    If you do this correctly the bios setup screen should look something like this;

    Primary IDE Master: HDD(Name &model of your drive)
    Primary IDE Slave: None

    Secondary IDE Master; CD rom ( name & model #)
    Secondary IDE Slave: None ( only for now)
    You should load your OS now All the drivers you need and Just enough Applications to get the machine online for Windows, drivers update.
    Get back to me and we will deal with the Philips drive.
    Read the instructions carefully when you start the OS disk. There are options before you Install , to format your drive DO THIS FIRST with the Windows disk.
    Good luck ,Talk to you Later.

    If you get errors WRITE them down exactly and post them.
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