Intel boss Pat Gelsinger says AMD 'is in the rearview mirror' following Alder Lake release


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Yeah, remember when AMD moved to PCIe 4.0 and Intel was still only 3.0 and all their shills wouldn't stfu about how it was not necessary, no hardware was supporting it or needing it, etc. Now that Intel moved to PCIe 5.0 suddenly it's a must have, and it's a selling point and a very important upgrade!

AMD left and right started to make huge sales in Enterprise market due to PCI-E 4.0. It's why the push to PCI-E 5.0. But obviously rebranded into something that Intel suddenly is or was a pioneer at, lol.


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True, before Ryzen we didn't really get any meaningful performance uplift with each new generation of Intel CPUs and that has definitely changed after AMD pulled their sh*t together.
You mean that and Intel getting 10nm working. Zen and Zen+ weren't impressive for gaming compared to what was already out.

We'll potentially have two 10nm generation parts before Zen 4. I think Zen 4 will compete, but I'm more excited about what Meteor Lake vs Zen 5 looks like. That's when we'll see what both are really made of. Is Intel back, and is AMD more than a more cores pony?


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The market is different now. Nobody needs the fastest processing machine. Just a good balance of performance, power efficiency, and scalability. A system only needs to deliver in comparison to consoles.