Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger doubles down on manufacturing, opens up foundry, shifts on strategy


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I'll like to add to this conversation, it's basically a geeky dream of mine to be able to plug my phone into a screen or dock of some kind and my phone becomes a fully fledged PC.

Currently, I can only see ARM pulling this off unless Intel / AMD can get x86 power usage down dramatically.
Funny enough, im enamored with samsung DeX because of this.

they had proven how much can be done with with a phone.

‘sadly, I cant buy a Samsung phone because of the bloatware they include, but DeX is awesome.


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M1 is good for some workloads, partly because it has huge L1 level caches, L1 instruction cache is whopping 192 KB. But. Is bigger cache always better? With Zen2 AMD reduced L1 instruction cache from 64kB to 32kB because according to AMD, internal testing showed 32kB cache with double associativity was overall (but not always) faster choice. Also worth to note that current AMD and Intel x86 CPU's are NOT designed single thread but single core performance in mind. M1 is nothing sort of "amazing", it's just suited for different needs.

x86 design needs More resources for What? Now let's see. Current x86 CPU's are basically RISC CPU's internally. About only thing that makes them "too complex" or "needing more resources", are decoders that translate x86 instructions into micro-ops and other way around. That takes very little amount of resources. And that's basically everything that makes x86 "too complex" or "resource hog" vs ARM CPU's.

Have been hearing this "x86 is dead" mantra at least 30 years already.

Yep, same here. Remember Apple's claims of superiority back in the 1980's? They touted the PowerPC architecture. Funny how they bailed on PowerPC. I have a good friend who bought a PowerMac right before they switched to Intel. Serious burn.

I don't buy the claims of M1 superiority. AMD and Intel have been designing cpus FAR longer than Apple. Their R&D commitment is enormous.

Apple is basically a glorified telephone company. They make expensive telephones and small devices. That's it.