Intel Core i7-8700T CPU Upgrade?


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Hello, need some advise...

I would like to upgrade my current - Intel Core i7-8700T CPU to fastest cpu for Adobe use.
I am using this page as a guide. Can anyone please make a recommendation. I want to max out my unit.

I have upgraded thus far
Corsair Vengeance 32GB
1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2

This is my unit:

Many thanks!


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Hello, I thought so as well regarding the RAM. After a few hours on the phone with Crucial, which first informed me I the max is 32 and then confirming with Corsair, I made the purchase and did the install. Everything worked, and the computer reads the RAM. I performed multiple tests and the results are extremely apparent in performance and bench marks.

In theory the mobo says it could handle a 8700K, and cpu-upgrade and cpu-world sits say the comparability is 98 and 100% to take a step up:

If I were up upgrade my power supply and take other precautions, what would you suggest I do to give this a try? I eventually want to build my own custom unit, $3-$4K, but I just got this one 6 months ago, so I want to push the performance.

Many thanks.


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The motherboard chipset actually supports up to a 9900K, but if you following the link I put in my last post, you can see on the image of the motherboard that it only has 4 VRMs. Because of the computer’s form factor, HP have limited the power deliver to the CPU to keep thermals in check.


Compare that to a decent mATX motherboard using the same chipset:


So in the same way that the chipset supports 32 GB but has an overall design limit of 16 GB, you could try installing an 8700K but it will never run at its full capability - it’s just not going to get the power it needs. An 8700T is rated to 35W, whereas the 8700K is 95W:

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